LCD display: the fingerprint reader across the screen

LCD display: the fingerprint reader across the screen
Tianma, China's largest LCD display manufacturer, has just announced a technology that will allow the whole screen to be used as a fingerprint reader. Mass production could take place soon, according to Gizchina.

Fingerprint readers are increasingly common in smartphones. Initially, this component was placed in the back, and then moved to the side. Today there are more and more manufacturers that choose to place it under the display. A great way to unlock your device quickly and with maximum security.

For the moment, only OLED displays can include the fingerprint reader under the screen. Things will change soon: Fortsense had said that LCD displays will also be compatible soon. Tianma recently reported that a new technology - recognized as TED Finger Print - will allow the reader to be placed not only in one place, but in the entire panel. During development, the company has reduced the thickness of these LCD displays by approximately 50%.

A very interesting novelty that is ready for mass production. We just have to wait to find out which will be the first smartphones compatible with the new technology.

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