Hell Let Loose: Blackmatter clarifies its program

Hell Let Loose: Blackmatter clarifies its program
In recent days, Hell Let Loose players have been able to launch headlong into the Battle of Carentan. However, this is far from the end of the journey for Blackmatter, who is already sketching the future of the game.

The game team almost begins by apologizing on Steam for not being able to give a clear and precise roadmap due to recurring issues to be resolved. To manage to resolve these concerns, she decided to sequence her work. Initially, the studio will seek to remove two of the main causes of crashes, handicapping the gaming experience in Hell Let Loose. Once this is done, developers will tackle the following:

Revision of the engineer class Revision of the support class Adding transport and logistics vehicles Revision of supply systems Revision of ammunition systems Penetration system balls Several maps will benefit from improvements, but Hurtgen Forest, who is shown in pictures in this article, and Sainte-Marie-Du-Mont will have the right to a total overhaul, accompanied by a strong optimization, and gameplay elements dedicated. In addition, three new maps are under development, with the first being 75% complete, the second 15% complete, and the third 55% complete. Regarding the other areas of work, there are many things to do around sound design, including footsteps, sound spatialization, etc.

Hell Let Loose: Let the battle of Carentan starts up!

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