Halo Infinite: ex-developers criticize the game, but is it true?

Halo Infinite: ex-developers criticize the game, but is it true?
Microsoft and Xbox Game Studios presented multiple exclusive games in development to the world last week. One of the most anticipated and widely announced is Halo Infinite, the guest of honor of the evening. The game by 343 Industries showed a full-bodied gameplay sequence, as everyone hoped. Unfortunately, the reaction of the public (or better said, the reaction of the loudest audience) was not entirely positive: many complained of a graphic quality not exactly next-gen.

The criticisms of the game, however, they don't stop there. Indeed, it seems that, as reported on Reddit, multiple ex-developers have decided to explain what is happening behind the scenes of the development of Halo Infinite.

The Halo sub reddit is on Fire.

343 employees looking a little unhappy. pic.twitter.com/kRSarb3ABu

- Redzone ANTI - Consul Agrarian Worker (@MenaceZone) July 28, 2020

As reported, how can you read it yourself here above, project management seems bad. It is explained that the team heavily uses employees under fixed-term contracts: there is a continuous recirculation of personnel within the team and this generates problems of continuity and additional waste of time; new arrivals must in fact work with tools modified by previous employees.

It is also explained that morale is low because most workers know that they will not see the end of development. Technological tools are also considered inadequate: the team has available tools "a decade old" held together by "hundreds of approximate corrections".

The opinions about the work environment are also varied : some claim that it is a positive place, full of people of quality and talent, while others claim that it is a place, which is extremely toxic. In any case, even the most positive claim that the system of temporary contracts makes the handling of complex work and lowers the morale of the team. To receive the criticism, especially the figures at the head of 343 Industries, which are defined as little capable and just open the dialog box.

Halo Infinite To corroborate what is said is Richard Masucci, youtuber with almost a million followers, which cites an anonymous source from Microsoft. Of course, all this remains (and will probably remain) only a rumor . Even on the assumption that there are pure inventions between the above statements, you have to remember that it's just a few items, maybe influenced by elements we do not known.

What will count eventually is the quality of Halo Infinite gaming: to be able to express any opinion on the merits, however, we will have to wait to try it out.

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