Amazon Fraud Detector against online fraud

Amazon Fraud Detector against online fraud
Today Amazon announces the worldwide availability of Fraud Detector, a service that facilitates the identification of potential fraudulent online activities, from those concerning payments to the creation of fake accounts. It is based on both machine learning and the group's twenty years of expertise in detecting illegal activities through the AWS and e-commerce business clouds.

Amazon Fraud Detector

L identification occurs within a few milliseconds. Subscribers are not asked for advance payments or long-term commitments, or infrastructure to manage, but only an expense related to actual use.

It works by selecting an ML template template that specifies a combination of optimized features and algorithms to detect a certain form of fraud. Next you need to upload the entire history of fraud data to form, test and distribute a customized fraud detection model based on the specific information requested. A forecast is thus formulated in the form of a score from 0 to 1,000 indicating the risk factor. The user, based on the result, can set specific actions ranging from the blocking of the operation to the request for a review.

These are the main types of illegal activities identified as follows:

fraud of online identity; payment order fraud online; fraud of new accounts within an account registration process; account acquisition (when an attacker uses stolen credentials to log into a legitimate customer's account); abuse of promotional codes; evaluations of the performance of sellers on the online marketplace.

below, instead Of the five phases that summarize regulate the operation:

loading of the set of historical data of fraud on Amazon S3, and the selection between the patterns of the models of fraud detection, pre-built; the schema of the model using historical data as input to create a custom model; the creation of rules to accept, revise, or collect other information based on forecasts of the model: API call Amazon Fraud Detector from the online application to receive the forecasts on the basis of fraud in real time and act according to the rules of detection configured. Amazon offers the Fraud Detector-free for two months after the recording, but with some limitations in functionality: up to 50 hours per month processing to the training of the models, up to 500 hours of processing per month for the hosting of the models, up to 30,000 predictions per month in real-time Online Fraud Insight, and the same based on the rules established. The prices are those shown on the pages of the official website linked at the bottom of article. Guaranteed to respect the privacy by not sharing customer data with really third.

Source: Amazon

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