Fans return to NBA stadiums thanks to Teams

Fans return to NBA stadiums thanks to Teams
Microsoft sets foot on the NBA pitches and brings fans of the world's most important basketball championship below. The news has been announced in these hours and leverages Microsoft Teams "Together mode" which allows you to bring together hundreds of people in the same "room". In this case, thanks to Microsoft, people will be all together around a basketball court, as if they were present in the stands to cheer for their favorites.

All this will be possible thanks to huge screens up to 5 meters high and such as to create a wall of faces that simulates the stands of the buildings (up to 300 people at the same time).

On the NBA fields thanks to Microsoft Teams

The faces some fans will be on the screen to transfer the emotions and cheering towards the field, so that a free throw cannot be without an audience behind the basket and no three shot can fly in a really empty structure. The looks of the fans will instead fill the frame and in some way, despite the distancing that the United States urgently needs, we will recreate that atmosphere of participation that professional sport needs to feed on.

The fans will not be present together, bringing only their faces on the large displays around the field, but they will also be able to interact with each other to feel truly "close", interactive and participatory. It will not be just a moving face on the displays: it will be a human presence, screaming and shaking, cheering and commenting. United but distant, in the name of NBA sport and entertainment.

what the football Series, can't do (too wide, the structure of one stage to be able to simulate the presence of the fans on big screens), the basket may tempt him thanks to the approval of the NBA, the cooperation of Microsoft and the technology Teams . The experiment will be important as it will allow to understand whether it is possible to somehow simulate the presence on the premises by virtualizing the cheer with new methods. Clearly it makes a virtue out of necessity: nothing can ever replace the warmth of the physical presence. But the ambition is this: an attempt, if anything, is to fill a show billionaire, to feel a part of the fans, to avoid the effect of the “empty stadium” that football is sadly knowing this the end of the championship 2019-2020.

An attempt noble, therefore, that may be by experiment for future developments. Until the Covid will be a threat, the rest, you will need to find new ways not to give up the normal.

Source: Microsoft

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