Death Stranding PC: DLSS 2.0 is better than native 4K

Death Stranding PC: DLSS 2.0 is better than native 4K
Death Stranding has been available for a couple of weeks on PC, the second version released, after the PlayStation 4. The game of Kojima Productions arrives on computers with a series of new features and unique functions. One of these is support for NVIDIA's DLSS 2.0: according to Digital Foundry's analysis, the latter makes the game more beautiful, even when compared to a native 4K resolution.

released a new video, which you can see below, through which it offers its in-depth analysis of Death Stranding in PC version. According to what reported, the reconstruction of the DLSS image, starting from a resolution of 1440p, makes the image cleaner and clearer. The video also compares DLSS 2.0 with the PlayStation 4 Pro rendering checkerboard: the PC version comes out on top, with more defined graphics and clearer details.

How is it possible that the upscaling of DLSS 2.0 do you create a better image than the native resolution? According to Digital Foundry, NVIDIA software replaces TAA (temporal anti-aliasing): in this way, classic TAA flaws - like visual artifacts - are limited if not completely hidden.

If you are thinking which version of Death Stranding to buy, also remember that the PC is the Definitive Edition and includes extra exclusive content, support for ultra-wide screens and various other options to make the game and the graphics superior to the console version. In terms of gameplay, however, it is basically the same video game that has divided audiences and critics at the D1 on PS4.

As we all know, this is not an open-world action classic and it is possible that it will not convince all. Having said that, this first period was positive, in terms of sales, for the Steam version of the game. Tell us, have you already tried it?

You can purchase the PS4 version of Death Stranding on Amazon at this address.

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