Nintendo Switch OLED: the best 9 accessories for the Nintendo console

Nintendo Switch OLED: the best 9 accessories for the Nintendo console

Nintendo Switch OLED

After a long wait, the new Nintendo Switch OLED is finally available for purchase. This new model incorporates the characteristics of the original, modifying some aspects such as the screen, the audio speakers and the docking station. To find out everything about this Nintendo Switch OLED, we invite you to read our dedicated review. Since the launch of the first model, Nintendo and other third-party manufacturers have made numerous accessories dedicated to the console. If you want to make the most of the hybrid gaming machine, it is advisable to purchase some accessories, which could be particularly useful in different situations. From protective cases, to official or third-party controllers, through power banks and MicroSD memories.

To make it easier for you to choose the best accessories for the Nintendo Switch OLED, we have created our own selection of everything you need for your new console.

Pro Controller

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller The real highlight of the Nintendo Switch OLED is undoubtedly its screen which excels in the portable use of the console. However, the hybrid nature of the Switch still allows it to connect to televisions and monitors for use in the living room or in your gaming stations. Here you can disconnect the Joy-Con of the console and use the appropriate external support to combine them into a practical controller. But Nintendo has also thought of the most demanding players, creating the Pro Controller, which comes with a better grip for greater comfort in gaming sessions and better feedback when pressing the keys.

Offer Amazon Pro Controller for Nintendo Switch € 71.8 € 45.0

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Memory expansion

MicroSD Samsung EVO Plus True, the internal memory of the new OLED model has been doubled, from 32 to 64 GB. For those who love to download games directly from the Nintendo eShop, this space may still not be enough. Fortunately, the console has a memory expansion slot through the classic MicroSD cards. We went to see the technical specifications supported by the console and making a selection among the products offered by the competition we decided to recommend the Samsung EVO Plus MicroSD, available in various memory sizes.

Amazon Samsung offer Memory MB-MC256GA EVO Plus 256 Gb Microsd Card, UHS-I, U3 Class, Up to 100 MB / s, with SD Adapter € 45.98

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Screen protector

Tempered glass for Nintendo Switch OLED It would be a real shame to spoil the splendid OLED screen in the first months of using the console. Just as we defend the displays of our smartphones and tablets from scratches and breaks that are always lurking, even that of the Nintendo Switch must be protected. For this reason, tempered glasses are already available for purchase, ideal for adding an extra protective layer to our screen. They are easily applied and can be replaced in minutes should they break due to some accidental drop or scratch.

Amazon Offer FR-TEC - Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Nintendo Switch OLED € 7.49

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Official Nintendo Case for Switch OLED The screen it is not the only part of the console that can be ruined with some little unexpected. If you use the console mainly in your docking station, you don't take too many risks. But if you like to carry it around, even outside your home, you might want to consider purchasing a protective case. Otherwise the console could be damaged by coming into contact with other objects in backpacks and bags.

Amazon Offer Case and Protective Film for Nintendo Switch OLED Model - Nintendo Switch € 24.99 € 18.99

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Protective shell

Protective shell for Nintendo Switch OLED Wanting to get maximum protection, in addition to tempered glass and protective case, you can consider the purchase also of a protective shell. The product we recommend was made of silicone by the OIVO brand. This protection encompasses the entire console, leaving only the keys, screen and speakers uncovered. At the same time, an addition of silicone has been implemented on the back to improve the grip of the console when used in portable mode.

Amazon OIVO offer Switch OLED Dockable Protective silicone case compatible with Nintendo Switch OLED, Switch OLED Soft Dockab ... € 17.99 € 16.99

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Complete case

Complete case for Nintendo Switch If you need to carry your Nintendo Switch and For example, move it from one house to another, this complete case could be for you. In a simple accessory you can store the console, games, Joy-Con, charging cables and keep everything protected by the outer shell of the case. Really very practical and useful even for those who often bring the console to a friend to play together.

The model we recommend is compatible with both Nintendo Switch and the new OLED model.

Amazon Offer HEYSTOP Case Compatible with Nintendo Switch / Switch OLED Case with more space for 8 Cartridges, Portable Case ... € 13.99

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Power bank

Power Bank for Nintendo Switch OLED The battery of the Nintendo Switch OLED model has been improved for greater autonomy when using the console in portable mode. However, the most demanding gamers will want to further extend their gaming sessions on the go. To do this, just buy a good external battery or power bank if you prefer. Both online and in physical stores you will find an infinity of products of this type. However, if you want to buy a device that can significantly extend the autonomy of the Nintendo Switch and recharge it in a short time, we recommend the purchase of the Anker power bank.

You can also take advantage of the 20,000 mAh PowerCore Essential to charge your smartphone or tablet in parallel with the Switch.

Amazon Offer Amazon Powerbank 20000mAh Anker PowerCore Essential 20000mAh, power bank with PowerIQ and USB-C input, charger portable ... € 36.99 € 32.99

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Hori Split Pad Pro

Hori Split Pad Pro As previously mentioned, the Nintendo Switch OLED excels in portable mode where the new screen really makes a difference. However, some users find it difficult to use the console on a portable basis due to its small keys and not-so-excellent grip. Fortunately, there are accessories such as the Hori Split Pad Pro, an ergonomic controller for the handheld mode of the Nintendo Switch. Compatible with both the old and the new model, this accessory will undoubtedly improve the quality of your gaming sessions on the go.

Amazon Offer Hori Split Pad Pro, Ergonomic Controller For Portable Mode - Transparent Black - Official Nintendo - Nintendo ... € 49.99 € 40.99

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Joy-Con charging stand

Joy-Con charging stand Do you like to always have your Joy-Con charged ready for use? Then you can't do without a charging stand for your Nintendo Switch controllers. If you love to play with several Joy-Con at the same time, perhaps with friends and family on your sofa, this accessory will allow you to always have them ready for action. It is a very simple stand where it is possible to hook up to four Joy-Con to recharge them independently from the console.

Amazon Offer Hori Charging Stand for 4 Joy-Con - Nintendo Switch € 29.99 € 29.15

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