7 games to try after watching Squid Game

7 games to try after watching Squid Game

The growing internationalization of Netflix and its contents is creating, in recent times, real mass phenomena. After Stranger Things and the Spanish La Casa di Carta, the latest global success of the popular streaming platform is definitely the Korean Squid Game. The series winks a bit at all the pop culture of recent years: from manga to video games, through anime, movies and much more. The people of gamers, who have always been very receptive to this kind of trends, have obviously not remained immune from it.

The theme of survival is very well known and redundant in electronic games, so much so that it has been born over the last few years. years dozens of titles based on this concept. There are very different game mechanics that span the survival genre. One of these is the horror component, which pervades every production with more or less splatter tones, sometimes thriller.

Another is that of action, through which our character, a virtual alter-ego, must defeat other suitors in the course of the narration to find the escape route and, last but not least, life itself . Then there is the component of the narration, often used through interactive dialogues or screenshots, necessary to give substance to the plot and to carry out the events of the game.

Let's find out 7 games to try after watching Squid Game.


An artwork from the famous Danganronpa series Danganronpa is a series of Japanese video games originally developed by Spike Chunsoft on PlayStation Portable and then on PS Vita, PS4 and cellular systems. The game mechanics are very reminiscent of what has already been seen in Squid Game: a series of boys, held hostage by a mysterious and disturbing character who hides behind the robes of a bear-shaped robot, must survive to be able to earn their freedom. .

Inside the bunker where they are locked up, the students participate in "class trials" to establish the culprits of the various crimes that take place during the course of the plot. In a similar way to what has already been seen in Among Us, players must then try to find clues that lead them to track down the killers.


the killer rabbit in all his restlessness. Still creepy animals behind the psychopaths that lurk in these stories of survival and violence. After a robot in the shape of a bear it is the turn of a terrible giant rabbit, protagonist of the popular Manhunt series produced by Rockstar Games, the same as in Grand Theft Auto V. The plot takes shape after the false execution of James Earl Cash, a man sentenced to death for very serious crimes.

The latter is saved by a mysterious former Hollywood director who will use him as a guinea pig inside a sort of snuff movie, a dangerous and disturbing survival game where Cash will be called to kill anyone who comes in front of him. The third-person view and the excellent technical sector have made it a success on PlayStation 2 and Xbox, plus the 2007 sequel on PSP, Wii and even PS2.

Zero Escape

a typical Japanese light novel situation Now let's talk about one of the series closest to what is expressed in a show like Squid Game. Kyokugen Dasshutsu, this is the original title of a trilogy consisting of Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors, Virtue's Last Reward and Zero Time Dilemma. The Zero Escape series has been particularly popular on many last generation laptops such as Nintendo DS and 3DS, but has also received conversions on PC, iOS and two collections on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

Each title follows the vicissitudes of nine people, kidnapped and held hostage by "Zero", this is the code name of the villain on duty. There are many puzzles to solve, parts of the game as fictionalized as in a light novel, other moments dedicated to escape. Especially in the Rising Sun, the series has aroused so much interest that it has generated a wide variety of related products such as the novel published in 2010, an anime by the famous Gonzo studio, artbook soundtracks and OST.

Your Turn to Die

all the protagonists of the game in a cover art Nankidai, eclectic mangaka and Japanese videogame creator, created a light nine Originally released on PC with the title Kimi ga Shine: Tasuketsu Death Game, later translated in the more understandable English Your Turn to Die for Western systems. Currently the game has reached its third development chapter, released last with the "Part One" of the story starring a student struggling with a violent survival game.

Sara, this is her name, will have to deal with nine other people, all kidnapped and locked up, in order to stay alive through a sadistic death game staged by a mysterious organization. The game has also been unofficially translated into Italian through patches and renamed "Mors Tua".

Among Us

The funny protagonists of the game Probably the most famous of these survival-games times is Among Us, a game released in 2018, but only two years later, thanks to numerous streamers who started playing it on Twitch. The server population has grown from around 50 people at once to nearly 1.5 million in a short space of time, forcing developer Innersloth to focus all their efforts on expanding the game servers, rather than expansions or sequels to the game. .

Among Us is a survival that takes place across four maps, where up to 15 players take on the role of astronauts and impostors. Obviously, no one knows the identity of the others, and the fun of the game comes from discovering who the saboteurs are. The goal is to kill one or the other and to stay alive until the end inside the spaceship. A real full blown Squid Game.

Until Dawn

A nice Until Dawn cutscene One of the most successful survival games of recent years is undoubtedly the fascinating Until Dawn on PlayStation. Initially planned on Ps3 with the support of the Move peripheral, it was then moved to 2015 directly on the Ps4. The Move support had been integrated precisely for the very filmic and scenic nature of the game, consisting of levels within which the protagonists move like an interactive film trying to survive, collect clues for the continuation of the story and tell the ties between all characters through well thought out multiple choices. One of the strengths of Until Dawn is the first-level graphics sector and the compelling storyline that then generated a spin-off and a prequel developed by Supermassive Games, always exclusive to PlayStation 4.

The World Ends With You

game screen with the dialogues between two protagonists Initially released on Nintendo DS, The World Ends With You then appeared with a remix on Android and iOS, finally with an HD version and reworked on Nintendo Switch . It is a very atypical Japanese role-playing game with a strong survival connotation that has had some success at home and abroad. The graphic style is visually reminiscent of a manga in motion, a factor which then contributed to the genesis of a comic and an anime related to the game. The setting is that of Shibuya, a central district of Tokyo famous for the statue of Hachiko and one of the most famous pedestrian crossings in the world. Although the game therefore takes place in a real Japanese city, within the story there are many fantasy elements that are mixed with the plot. The latter, not unlike other similar video games, sees the protagonist having to pass tests in order to stay alive and survive.

Particularity of The World Ends With You is above all the involvement of a partner (in this case a girl called Shiki Misaki) to be able to carry out the missions and continue in the story. Moreover, with several years in advance of Stranger Things, the Square-Enix game introduced the so-called "upside down", not unlike "underground", a parallel setting populated by the Reapers (who control the game) and Noise, monsters generated by the negative feelings of their creators.

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