Nintendo Switch OLED: how to transfer profiles, saves and purchases from another console

Nintendo Switch OLED: how to transfer profiles, saves and purchases from another console

Nintendo Switch OLED

In this guide, we will explain how to transfer your data on your Nintendo Switch, including saved games and purchased games, to the new Nintendo Switch OLED.

With the arrival in stores of the OLED model, which as you can read in our preview is characterized by a screen of higher quality and dimensions, many players will decide to upgrade and switch to the new version of the hybrid console of the big N. However, before making the switch, it is good to know how to transfer data from one console to another, a procedure that is not exactly obvious.

How to transfer data from a Nintendo Switch console to a other

Nintendo Switch OLED, has a better quality screen and larger size than previous models First of all it is important to know that using the Nintendo Switch Online save backup system is not the same as transferring your entire profile and user data. Additionally, some games are not compatible with cloud saves, including Dark Souls: Remastered and Pokémon Sword and Shield. Finally, it should be noted that this system requires a paid subscription to the Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

The method that we will describe shortly is used to transfer your user profile, together with the save data associated with it and the purchases made in the eShop, from one console of the Nintendo Switch family to another, including obviously also Nintendo Switch OLED. It is also completely free and does not require a Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

First, both the source and target consoles must be connected to the network to allow local communication and both must be upgraded to system version 4.0.0 or higher. At the time of the user account transfer, no more than seven profiles should be active on the target console, and make sure there is enough storage space to receive data from the starting console.

Once these requirements are met, on the starting console go to "System Settings"> "User"> "Transfer Your User". Select "Next" on the next two screens, then select "Source console" to indicate that the data will be transferred from this console. Select "Continue" and go to the target console to complete another series of simple steps.

On the target console, again you will need to "System Settings"> "User"> "Transfer the your user ". Select "Next" on the next two screens, then select the "Target Console" option to indicate that this will be the Nintendo Switch that will receive the data. At this point you will be asked to log in to the Nintendo Account associated with the user profile you are transferring. Enter your email address or ID and password. Then select "Login"> "Next". At this point there are only a few steps to complete the operation.

Go back to the source console and wait for the target console to be detected by the system, then select "Transfer". At this point the transfer will begin. Once completed, select "close" to finish the operation. If the transferred profile was the only one present on the original console, a temporary user will be created.

As mentioned above, this procedure allows you to transfer user information, associated save data and software purchased from Nintendo eShop with their account. We would like to specify that this is a "transfer" and not a simple copy of data. This means that at the end of the operation the profile and all associated data will no longer be present in the source console.

If your intention is to use more than one console, perhaps using the Nintendo Switch OLED as the main one and your old standard or Lite model as a secondary, you shouldn't use the procedure above. Rather, you should de-register your old console as the primary Nintendo Switch. To do this, enter the eShop and select your profile icon at the top right of the screen. Go to "Main Console" and select "Remove Registration". Now all you have to do is use your Nintendo Account to access the eShop with the other console of the Nintendo Switch family that you want to use the most and in this way it will be made the "main console". With this process, if you log into your Nintendo Account from a non-primary console, you will still be able to use downloadable software purchased through your account.

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