It's the day of Windows 11, five questions before upgrading

It's the day of Windows 11, five questions before upgrading

It's the day of Windows 11

From how and when to update how to enable Tpm 2.0 up to the most important news

(Photo: Microsoft) It finally arrived on October 5, the day of the debut of the stable update of Windows 11. To put some order and clarity on the important and awaited update, here are five practical answers to five common questions.

Is it not available to me?

Many users may be disappointed to find out that today they will not receive the update, but Microsoft has made it very clear that in fact in these hours the diffusion of the update is triggered, but that the campaign will be gradual, probably starting from the most recent devices up to the oldest ones that could switch to the new one. operating system to 2022 forwarded. For those who want to test Windows 11 before it is actually available on their device, it is possible to join the Insider program to download a non-definitive (and potentially unstable) preview version, here we have explained in detail how to do it.

Please note : even those who do not respect certain minimum requirements of Windows 11 can install an Insider version, but with the official release of the new OS will have to go back to Windows 10.

How much does the upgrade to Windows 11 cost

The update is free, which is why it is good to get away from sites, portals, links from emails and messages that promise the upgrade to Windows 11 by requesting any sum, even just a euro cent. As has always happened with every release of highly anticipated operating systems or software, cybercriminals are ready to take advantage of the opportunity.

How to upgrade your computer to Windows 11

First of all you need to check that you meet the minimum requirements and to do so just install the Pc Integrity Check utility to check if they are the minimum requirements of Windows 11 are met, i.e. 64-bit processor at least dual core 1 GHz, 4 GB RAM, 64 GB memory, DirectX 12 compatible video card or later, HD display greater than 9 inches and Internet connection. But above all to verify the compatibility with the Tpm 2.0 technology (Trusted Platform Module) that we deepen below.

If all requests are satisfied, then all that remains is to wait for the arrival of the new operating system which will be a simple Windows 10 update. It will be heavier than the usual updates, about 4 gb, will happen automatically and will require you to restart your computer. Nothing more, all very simple and straightforward.

How to enable Tpm 2.0

If the list of minimum requirements is not very demanding and can be satisfied by even cheap computers, the big stumbling block remains the absence of Tpm 2.0 according to the PC Integrity Control test. We refer to the chip usually integrated in motherboards or in the processor that stores the cryptographic keys used by the system ensuring hardware and non-software protection.

From Settings> update & security> Windows security> device security check if the item Security Processor appears. If yes and the version is at least 2.0 then you can upgrade to Windows 11, if it is minor you can't. If the Security Processor item is absent, then you need to enable Tpm 2.0 on your computer.

There is a not too complicated way to overcome the obstacle and it requires you to act through the bios: you restart your computer, hold down F2 or Del and go to Advanced view. The menu changes depending on the manufacturers, the advice is to look for the item Tpm or Amd Tpm or Intel Ptt or Safety device. Entered the submenu, activate the option, save and exit the bios.

What's new in Windows 11

As we have told you in depth here, Windows 11 brings many new features to the graphic and functionality. At first visual impact you immediately notice the presence of the start menu in the center of the taskbar, rounded edges, dynamic layouts in which to move to divide the workspace in an organized way. There will be ample space for widgets, Android apps will be able to be used more fully and easily, updates will be less invasive and leaner and, finally, Game Pass will be added natively.

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