Librogame: the new releases of October 2021

Librogame: the new releases of October 2021


The first major fair of the year, Modena Play, was finally held, and it was already the occasion for the announcement of at least one new game book, The Chronicles of Catusia. But in this month of October - in addition to finally having to see printed librigames announced in recent months - a Kickstarter will also open to finance a new series of librigames, with three titles. But let's proceed in order.


After Midnight After Midnight is the new game book self-produced by the prolific author Salvatore Mascaro. The latter defines it as a "grotesque splatter gamebook" and describes its genesis as follows.

"This book-game was born from a sudden memory linked to one of the first issues of Dylan Dog read thirty years ago does. In that issue the nightmare investigator loses or forgets the house keys and finds himself in spite of himself spending an absurd night in the company of psychopathic killers and a humanity on the margins.

Everything starts from that mythical album: I simply replaced the Dylanian ballads with verses by De AndrĂ© and other poets and then I gave free rein to the imagination by inserting: Alex and the drughi of "A Clockwork Orange", the warriors of the night of Long Island, Chief broom (Someone flew on cuckoo's nest), Jules and Vincent (Pulp fiction), the clown Pennywise (IT) and again the admiral Nelson, the necromancer Eliodoro di Catania, the last survivor among the dwarves of Snow White, devils of Dante's hell (Canto XXII ) etc. There are also other references to books and films, but more hidden, difficult to identify. ”

A game book that is certainly grotesque and unsuitable for a young and easily impressionable audience.

After Midnight is available for online purchase

Trivio Necklace

L'Artiglio in Fiamme Trivio Series is the new editorial line of Barone Games dedicated to Librigame that starts with three genres: Fantasy , Horror and Science Fiction. The Kickstarter is currently active, while the release of the books is scheduled for the first half of 2022.

The book chosen for the fantasy genre is L'Artiglio in Fiamme, by Stefania Ricco.

In Kindsgard everything follows the law of Nature, the only indifferent and cruel Goddess: everything suffers and everything struggles to survive, against the Fairs, creatures of all kinds, and against the environment itself.

The Ring of Fire, a circle of watchtowers, stands as a barrier to the lands freed for the survival of the Human Species, and the tireless Draghiers, the Humans' only defense, fight every day for survival.

As we accompany one small group of Humans to the safety of the Claw of the Red River, a light goes out: the Claw of Fire is in danger.

We cannot yet know which Fair has attacked the Claw or how many Humans there are bring to safety: we must leave your group in the care of the Dredger stationed at the River and pa rtire, hoping to be fast enough. We are a Dredger, a Hero infused with Proud: our task is to ensure the survival of Humans, at any cost.

In this adventure we will take on the role of a Griffin, Mandrake or Cockatrice Dredger, we will choose the our Instinct and our heraldic colors, and we will know nothing but the cruelty of a world where everything is a danger. We will have to use our skills to face the Fairs that we will find along the way without ever abandoning a Human in danger, or our entire existence will have been in vain.

Echo 931 The book of choice for the science fiction genre is Echo 931 by Alberto Logs.

Year 3330. Van Der Mer Corporate farmhouse ship Dante X399 is on its way to Echo 931, a Super Earth on which the presence of life has been detected. Space colonization is driven by Echo technology, capable of exploiting a new frequency range that connects matter through a network of energy correlations.

With Echo technology it has been possible to map an astronomical distance of over 30,000 light years , and the list of the various planets generated by the refractions has been compiled with the codification defined as numerical Echo, until the last discovered: Echo 931.

Colonizing new planets is the business of the new millennium. Entire families of settlers decide to embark on ships set up by private companies, accepting the risks of a race into the unknown in search of a new paradise. And it is the Dante X399 that is about to approach the Echo 931, and a very different destiny is about to be fulfilled for its crew from what they expect.

We will follow the events of the Dante X399 crew on a wild planet filled with dangers and treasures: Captain Anneke Van Der Mer, a determined fighter, the artificial intelligence Blue, eager to understand humans better, and the skillful and sensitive ship engineer Hazel.

The City che Ride Finally, The Laughing City by Viviana de Simone is the horror game book of the series.

The sun is about to set and in Midday, a normal American town, many are preparing to go home after a day like many. A man walks into a cinema with his girlfriend, a woman finishes her job in her office, twenty floors high. A student is preparing to pack his bags to go home. Three strangers who know nothing of each other are still awake when darkness falls. And the horror suddenly surrounds them. An unknown disease spreads at an insane speed, and as the three gradually realize that their lives have changed forever, there is only one question left to address. Will they manage to see the dawn again?

Nathan is a good man and quiet, with a great sense of responsibility and trust in the human race: he will have to find a way to stay alive without losing himself and his values.

Nausica ha twenty-seven years old and a methodical, positive but very cautious computer engineer: will her reflective nature do well even in an upside-down world?

Ben is twenty and studying medicine at Midday College. When darkness falls over the city, Ben finds himself alone and in a wheelchair. Will his stubbornness be enough to make him a survivor?

The Kickstarter for the Trivio Series is already online

MS Edizioni

The Vampire and the Butterfly MS Edizioni inaugurates a new series of game books, “Horror Business ", opening the dance with The Vampire and the Butterfly by Claudio Vergnani, one of the most famous Italian pulp authors.

In a city that has fallen into the hands of vampires, maniacs, masked gangs and unscrupulous fixers, Claudio and Vergy are two disgraced former Special Forces operatives, selling their services to the highest bidder.

An ancient vampire who heads the security of an organization called The New Blood Pact, which intends to pacify relations between Humans and Vampires, hires Claudio and Vergy to stop a mysterious killer who calls himself the "Butterfly", intending to sabotage the peace process by killing the main members of the organization one after the other. No one has ever seen him, no one knows what he looks like, the only thing that is known is that he is able to get anywhere at any time and that after each crime he vanishes like a ghost.

It is a a complicated but vital engagement to guarantee the continuation of the negotiations, even at the cost of the life of the two adventurers.

The game book will not have a game system, but it has almost 500 pages and should be available starting from October.

Hovering Editions

The Chronicles of Catusia - The Council of Mice At Modena Play the new edition of the first issue of the Chronicles of Catusia, The Council of Topi, by Mauro Longo. The game book, published for the first time exclusively in digital version by Tombolini publisher, is about to have a new edition - this time on paper - by Edizioni Librarsi.

The character we are going to interpret is certainly a novelty, since it is not a usual anonymous adventurer, not even a member of the race of elves or some alien civilization: it is, rather, a cat!

But not just any cat. His name is Zampalesta Scarmiglione della Malapena, called the Red Rat Catcher, an expert adventurer and a trusted agent of His Majesty Rexfelis, ruler of the city of Catusia and of the cats of the Forest of the Orme.

Recently, the enemies of the Cat Kingdom have moved again to plot a plot against the royal family. There are rumors of a mysterious Council of Mice that meets in secret to plan in detail the fall of the Kingdom.

At the moment there is no release date for the game book, but it should arrive in the next year .

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