Football Manager 2022: everything you need to know

Football Manager 2022: everything you need to know

Football Manager 2022

There's no two without three. As per tradition for this time of year, with the release of FIFA 22 and the newly renamed eFootball 2022 archived, it will soon be time to see Football Manager 2022 arrive on our monitors. An event that is now over twenty years old, dedicated at this stage above all to those who, in addition to loving the most spectacular part of football, can't wait to get lost in tactics, xG and the possibility of finding the stars of tomorrow through the vast managerial database. Sports Interactive. Waiting for the game to hit the market on November 9th, let's find out together everything you need to know about Football Manager 2022.

Transfer market closure

Football Manager 2022: screenshot at the end of the market. Opening the track on the news of Football Manager 2022 is a review of the closing day of the transfer window, on which Sports Interactive had previously emphasized. The goal has always been, in fact, to reproduce in the game all the frenzy that characterizes this particular moment in reality, with players torn at the last minute from their club and holes to which they can try to put a patch while time is running out.

To integrate what has already been achieved in the past we will also find in this edition a series of insights, in the form of interviews and dedicated newspaper articles, to make the player feel all the pressure of the market expiry on his own skin. There will also be a completely renovated hub, where you can constantly view the countdown towards the close of the market together with the latest operations carried out by the other teams. A part of this dedicated area will obviously be concentrated on your club, with the possibility of checking inside the profiles of the players that have been offered to us by their agents, those who are our players put on the market and other important data. br>

Meetings with the staff

Football Manager 2022: a meeting with the staff Although already present in the editions prior to Football Manager 2022, the meetings with the staff have always been a bit snubbed by the players due to their fragmentation in the flow of the game. With this year's chapter, Sports Interactive has decided to create a section dedicated to this type of meeting, creating a system of ad hoc weekly meetings. Basically the meeting will be divided into four main areas: training, market, development and staff. The player-coach can decide whether to apply immediately the suggestions provided by the members of the technical team, or ask the person who made the proposal to remember it in the meeting of the following week.

In this way, all the areas mentioned above will be covered. above, obtaining a double benefit on the card. On the one hand, in fact, the player will also be able to access a single hub in this case, where he can deal with all the aspects brought to his attention by the staff in a single session. Another more than welcome consequence of this addition is linked to the incoming mail messages, into which the meetings with observers and trainers had previously been integrated. In fact, by grouping the meeting with the staff in a specially dedicated area, we will find ourselves receiving a smaller quantity of mail, thus obtaining the possibility of concentrating on other management aspects without suffering too many distractions.

More data for all

Football Manager 2022: the data hub The distinctive aspect of the Football Manager series has always been linked to the large amount of data fielded by Sports Interactive's football manager. In recent years, the developers have tried to bring data concerning the analysis of the games played into the game, for example by introducing the concept of xG (from the English expected goals, or "expected goals") as a judgment parameter for the evaluation of performance of their eleven on the pitch. Moreover, data analysis has also become increasingly part of football culture in reality, at least for fans of this sport, to whom Football Manager 2022 will guarantee a dedicated section where on the one hand additional numbers related to the matches will be collected and from the more it will be possible to interact in more depth with the team of analysts of the club.

The new data center, which will be activated after a certain number of matches played by the team, will allow you to access a general view from which to deepen then the various aspects. For example, it will be possible to analyze the momentum (the so-called "momentum") of the eleven on the pitch over the course of ninety minutes, thus also examining the consequences of their choices during the first and second half. Or take a look at the map of the zones, to see where in the green rectangle our team manages to keep ball possession better, and where it suffers instead. Everything is naturally oriented to give additional support to better perform one's job as a virtual coach, both in the pre-match phase through the preparation of tactics, and once we are in the field to understand how to best behave in the event of certain situations. .

The 3D engine

Football Manager 2022: the new game engine. Like every year, Sports Interactive's work on Football Manager 2022 was also partly intended to improve the 3D engine, which has now become a fundamental part of the gaming experience. In particular, for this edition there is even talk of a completely new engine dedicated to animations, which therefore replaces the one seen up to a year ago. According to the developers, this will allow the players to move with greater naturalness, thus further mitigating the woodiness of some movements found previously. The new engine will also introduce a series of innovations as regards dribbling specifically, offering the gamer's eye more alternatives for what concerns this type of action.

There will also be interventions on the artificial intelligence of players, especially for the CPU's handling of errors made on the pitch. By comparing the number of wrong passes and shots in the Football Manager engine with data from real life, Sports Interactive has made sure that errors in Football Manager 2022 have a more realistic frequency. Drawing heavily on the tactical evolutions of real football, this year's edition will also introduce the concept of a wide central defender. Using a role of this type within a three-player defense, the coach will also be able to assign attacking tasks to the wide central, asking him to overlap on the wing as the team advances to generate further alternatives for the development of the game. In this case it is a type of tactic used for example by Atalanta with its central defense, but there is no lack of other alternatives linked to this new role. In fact, it will be possible to give the off center an intermediate support or defense setting, using it as a sort of backward playmaker to sort the ball to teammates. In this case, instead, one should think of the specific role of vice-director assigned to Bastoni in Inter.

The news of Football Manager 2022 seem to be able to give a boost of novelty especially as regards the carrying out the manager's ordinary work, in the activities that take place day after day. But without forgetting the 3D engine and the evolutions of real football, introducing the new role of the wide central defender currently used in several real teams.


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