PlayStation Store: FIFA 22 and eFootball 2022

PlayStation Store: FIFA 22 and eFootball 2022

PlayStation Store

On PlayStation Store this week the challenge between FIFA 22 and eFootball 2022 is renewed for the title of the best sports simulation. Of course, the comparison between the two productions this year is not like in the past, given that Konami has embraced a substantially different philosophy with a free-to-play model to be updated over time.

Among the news However, several promising and anticipated experiences also stand out from the Sony digital platform, see for example the arcade racer Hot Wheels Unleashed, with its micro-cars and stunt tracks, or the science fiction-themed survival horror Chernobylite, or the very solid strategic Phoenix Point. , available with the rich Behemoth Edition.


FIFA 22, a close-up of Mbappé Particularly awaited due to its debut on PlayStation 5, the new edition of football by EA Sports is presents in front of his large and passionate audience with FIFA 22 (PS5, € 79.99; PS4, € 69.99), and is immediately a show. Thanks to the next-gen HyperMotion technology, the game can in fact boast more varied and dynamic animations, which change according to the situation.

The gameplay developed by the developers is solid and convincing, but above all the numbers of the 'offer to make your mark with the full-bodied Career mode, the fast-paced street matches of Volta Football, the ever-present FIFA Ultimate Team experience and the wide range of official leagues and cups. All the details in our FIFA 22 review.

eFootball 2022

eFootball 2022, Messi prepares to shoot Here we are: after skipping an edition in order to better prepare the debut on the next generation platforms, eFootball 2022 (PS5 and PS4, free) is finally ready to offer us his innovative vision of football games. Abandoned the historical name of PES, the Konami franchise is presented in a free-to-play format that can be downloaded for free, but still immature in several respects.

As we wrote in our trial of eFootball 2022, it is probably of the price to pay for a new experience, subject to continuous updates and improvements. Net of all possible justifications, however, it must be admitted that for the moment this new chapter does not convince in terms of gameplay, physics and contents. Will the developers be able to get it back on track quickly?

Hot Wheels Unleashed

Hot Wheels Unleashed, the cars face off in a race The famous American cars are the protagonists of a spectacular arcade driving game , Hot Wheels Unleashed (PS5 and PS4, € 49.99)! Developed by the Italian team Milestone, this title puts us in command of the most iconic cars of the Mattel line, born in the distant 60s, in demanding speed races.

Catapulted into the most unusual scenarios, on tracks often equipped with special sections that include jumps, magnetized courses, loops and more, we will have to find the best trajectories and take advantage of the boost to score the overtaking necessary to cross the finish line first. And with the track editor we will be able to give life to our personal circuits to share with the community. The review of Hot Wheels Unleashed.

The other games

Chernobylite, one of the scenarios of the game Chernobylite (PS4, € 29.99) is the new survival horror of The Farm 51, which tells the story of a former engineer from Chernobyl who returns to the power plant area after thirty years to find out what happened to his girlfriend, who disappeared into thin air after the accident. However, the man must beware of the soldiers who patrol the area and mysterious creatures that move in the dark. The review of Chernobylite.

Phoenix Point: Behemoth Edition (PS4, € 39.99) instead marks the debut on console of the excellent strategy created by Julian Gollop, creator of the famous XCOM series. As part of an edition that also includes all the DLCs released so far, the game will see us face an alien invasion under the command of the soldiers who are part of the Phoenix Point special unit: the only ones able to face the invaders.

KeyWe (PS5 and PS4, € 24.99) is an original puzzle game in which we will be asked to manage a post office, its operations, deliveries and everything else. There is only one small detail: the staff that we can employ is made up solely of birds. We will therefore have to make the most of the skills of our birds and organize ourselves so that everything works properly, as we told in the KeyWe review.

Insurgency: Sandstorm (PS4, € 39.99) is another title debuting on console, in this case an exclusively multiplayer based shooter set in the Middle East. The game features heavily tactical and realism-oriented gameplay, as well as three modes that cover most needs, although there is a desire for some more content. For more details, here is our Insurgency: Sandstorm review.

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