Deathloop: Opinions about video games can be so different

Deathloop: Opinions about video games can be so different


Before Deathloop was released on September 14th, not much was known about Arkane Lyon's new project. Although Bethesda invited me to an initial gameplay presentation in early May, I wasn't necessarily that much smarter after the event. The material shown looked cool and crazy, but how exactly this should be implemented in the finished game, I could not at all assess at the time.

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Good game, different ratings

In the meantime I have played through the title and my first impression was not wrong. It is extremely fun to plunge into the killer puzzle shooter with Colt. Arkane gives me the choice of how to move through the four different sections. Most of the time, as a stealth fan, I try to act quietly and quietly, of course, but that's not that easy and relatively often ends in wild shootings. Fortunately, these can also be played excellently. But not all that glitters is gold either. Especially the A.I. occasionally has significant dropouts and acts relatively stupidly in certain situations.

In many reviews, Deathloop (buy now € 50.45 / € 50.99) is rightly devalued when it comes to the time loop Tourists of the island goes. Of course, I also read our PC Games test (rating 7) in detail and noticed that it is almost impossible to evaluate a title completely objectively. Everyone has a certain subjectivity and that is a good thing. For every game tester, different factors decide whether the game is called a masterpiece or "just" a special adventure.

No game is identical

Deathloop: Opinions about video games can be so different (2) Source: PC Games Hardware This is also due to the fact that every gamer has a different experience experienced in games. In our deathloop test, for example, the following contra point appears: "Excessively frequent invasions by Julianna are extremely annoying." I absolutely understand that this game mechanic can have a negative effect on the flow of the game. In my run, however, I was lucky that the antagonist didn't appear too often. In addition, the point in time at which Julianna enters the world plays a major role. Do I currently have little life and am generally about to game over or am I just exploring? These little things can have a significant impact on the fun and, viewed as a whole, also lead to a devaluation.

Of course, bugs or game crashes should also not be ignored. After all, every game is different. Fortunately, in Deathloop these errors occur very rarely or not at all. In my test run for Biomutant, on the other hand, I had to struggle with a number of crashes and stutters, which kept my good mood factor within limits over the entire duration of the game. Should another editor experience less of these problems, a wider range of ratings can be explained.

Deathloop: Opinions about video games can be so different (4) Source: Bethesda And although the review differences in Deathloop seem huge, I claim, a score of 7 - 9 points is reasonable and justified. The title is not a masterpiece for me, but still a fun and ingenious adventure that will captivate you for a long time. Depending on where I weight the strengths and weaknesses of the game, opinions differ. That's why I believe that a little subjectivity doesn't hurt at all in any test. At least if the product is treated and rated fairly in the end.

Diversity of opinion in the games industry

Deathloop: Opinions about video games can be so different (5) Source: PC Games Hardware Even games of the Year have their critics. Witcher 3, Grand Theft Auto 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2 were all terrific titles and yet I know colleagues and friends who did not play these masterpieces or who ended them prematurely. I count these games to my absolute favorite games and yet I can understand that not everyone gets warm with them. The controls of Red Dead 2 are completely overloaded and until the adventure around Arthur Morgan really gets going, it takes 10 to 15 hours.

I didn't mind the initially slow narrative, I was still bothered by the rather leisurely gameplay with long riding units through the Wild West. But if the rock star epic offered too little action at the beginning, the title was quickly left behind. In addition to a complete playing time of over 40 or maybe even 50 hours, it takes a lot of effort to start the adventure again.

I can easily spend 25 hours in Deathloop if I really turn every stone on the island would like to. In my opinion, it's worth it, as the story builds on these Blackreef secrets. But even here I can understand when the backtracking is seen as annoying from a certain point in time and is therefore included in the rating. Ultimately, anyone with an interest should have their own opinion and picture of a video game anyway. After all, fortunately, tastes are different. Deathloop in particular, however, will surprise one or the other positively.

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