Bayonetta 3: Some mechanics seem to be taken from Scalebound, says a former PlatinumGames

Bayonetta 3: Some mechanics seem to be taken from Scalebound, says a former PlatinumGames

Bayonetta 3

Bayonetta 3 was finally shown in action with a first gameplay trailer during last night's Nintendo Direct, and interestingly, some of the game's mechanics appear to have been taken from Scalebound, according to a former PlatinumGames member. br>
It is not information that comes directly from the committed developers, but JP Kellams, who was part of the Japanese team some time ago, pointed out that some features of the Bayonetta 3 gameplay seem to derive from the work done on Scalebound, well-known action game that should have been an Xbox One exclusive but was the protagonist of a sensational cancellation by Microsoft and PlatinumGames.

To tell the truth, looking at the final part of the trailer in particular, someone might have noticed a possible link between the two games: when Bayonetta summons some sort of gigantic dragon to fight a huge creature, it was easy to rethink the sp gameplay rockets we had seen years ago on Scalebound.

It might be just like that: JP Kellams highlighted how Bayonetta 3's director is Yusuke Miyata, who had previously been Scalebound's lead designer, also doing present as a very talented person, which makes the game even more interesting.

He also added the question of the connection between the two games: "The summoning control system looks VERY similar to the mechanics we experienced in Scalebound to control Thuban. Now that I've reviewed the trailer, they are even more exalted ".

So this is not really official information but rather a deduction by a person who, in any case, has actively worked at Scalebound and therefore has the basis for being able to suggest such a connection. Bayonetta 3 was announced way back in 2017 but showed up practically only last night for the first time, with an exciting gameplay trailer. It doesn't have a release date yet but should arrive in 2022 on Nintendo Switch.

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Bayonetta 3 Director Confirms The Studio Is Nearly Done

Yesterday fans were treated with a brand new gameplay trailer for Bayonetta 3. This has been a game we’ve been waiting on for years now. Unfortunately, nearly a decade has passed since we first received Bayonetta 2. Now it looks like we’ll finally get a chance to dive into Bayonetta 3 sometime in 2022. With that said, the game director has published an online letter today. Essentially the director was alerting fans of the current development progress of Bayonetta 3. Likewise, new details are available for the Demon Slave mechanic.

Bayonetta fans will once again step into the iconic witch and deliver a slew of attacks against her enemies. This game had quite the anticipation built up, and hopefully, the studio delivers something special. While we got a sneak peek at the gameplay from yesterday’s Nintendo Direct, today, the game director, Yusuke Miyata, wanted to ensure fans that the studio is nearly done. Currently, the development is on the final home stretch of development. However, Yusuke noted that they are constantly working to ensure the core game is even more fun. 

There was also a bit more insight into the game trailer. One of the new elements coming to Bayonetta 3 is the Demon Slave mechanic. This will allow players to control a demon and use its various abilities and powers against a target. Apparently, there will be multiple demons available with their unique powers, but we’re not privy to the final details on just how many demonic alterations there are. 

“We’re in the home stretch of development right now, working on making the core of the game even more fun and test playing nonstop. As the culmination of this series loved by all of you, we’re giving our all to make it a masterpiece worth of the name Bayonetta so please wait and anticipate just a bit longer!”

Yusuke Miyata

Finally, the director alerts fans that this is his first time working with the game franchise. Still, Yusuke wants to ensure fans that he’s still a massive fan despite not working on past installments. Before starting, Yusuke spent time replaying all the games and reading every book out there related to Bayonetta. We’ll see how his take on Bayonetta holds up compared to previous installments when the game launches sometime next year.


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