Back 4 Blood: tips and tricks for budding exterminators

Back 4 Blood: tips and tricks for budding exterminators

Back 4 Blood

In this Back 4 Blood guide you will find some useful tips and advice to survive the hordes of Haunted.

The new game from Turtle Rock Studios is a cooperative first-person shooter and spiritual heir to the famous Left 4 Dead series. . In the game we will take on the role of one of 8 Exterminators, survivors immune to the lethal parasite that has decimated the human race, and we will have to make our way through hordes of Infested in the company of three other players, using firearms and melee, as well as the bonuses received. from the card system, a fundamental trait of Back 4 Blood, as you can read in our review.

Team play is essential

Back 4 Blood, if you run out of ammo you can always try to survive with melee weapons Play as a team, coordinate on the targets to hit, heal the wounded and stick together, but not too much to avoid friendly fire. Apparently discounted advice for a title like Back 4 Blood, we realize it, but playing in multiplayer you will soon find that they are not so much, especially when you find yourself in a thorny situation and in a team with complete strangers. Turtle Rock's multiplayer shooter makes cooperation its mainstay and those who play as a lone wolf in multiplayer will not only be short-lived, but also put a spoke in the wheel for the rest of the team.

If you have the chance to face Back 4 Blood with friends you are in an iron barrel from this point of view, as it will be easier to coordinate. If, on the other hand, you are playing with a group of strangers, try as far as possible to be collaborative and, above all, avoid solitary Rambo actions. Especially when the special Infested ones start appearing on higher difficulty levels, you will see the difference between a well-organized team and a band of reckless ones.

Whether you play with friends or with complete strangers, try to familiarize yourself as soon as possible with the ping system that allows you to mark enemies, points of interest, objects and so on. In particular, mark high priority targets, this way the squad will focus their fire on the most dangerous enemies, which will make it easier to bring home the result.

Take your time and search each area well.

Hoffman, one of the 8 Exterminators of Back 4 Blood Thanks to the Roguelite elements of Back 4 Blood, every game is always different, this means that you cannot learn every section of a stage by heart and that haste is bad councilor. Fast forward, shooting at everything that moves, to quickly reach the next target will backfire in the long run. After all, it only takes a few bad decisions to find yourself cornered and surrounded by a horde of infested.

Search each area thoroughly as you go, you may find weapons, ammunition, medical kits and other useful resources, including coins. By advancing calmly, it will also be easier to identify any environmental dangers and not to be taken by surprise by some types of enemies, such as the Acuminata. With a little ingenuity, then, you could take advantage of elements in the scenarios, such as gas cylinders and petrol cans, to quickly take out entire groups of infested.

In any case, however much you may be organized, cautious and ingenious, sooner or later it will happen that you step out of the way, make a fatal mistake or simply find yourself surrounded by a horde of haunted people. In these cases, don't panic and get ready to flee like hell. Better a little honorable strategic retreat than a guaranteed game over.

Save the bullets and take advantage of a high position

Back 4 Blood, to knock down such a beast you need coordination and teamwork In Back 4 Blood, there's nothing worse than running out of bullets in front of a haunted horde. At the Nightmare difficulty, then, the ammunition stocks will be very small and therefore it becomes very important to better manage the resources. First, avoid using two weapons that use the same type of ammunition or you will run out of them very quickly. And, as obvious as it may be, always try to target the infested weak points to take them out quickly and with the least consumption of bullets possible.

In relatively calm situations and with few enemies nearby, however, it is always good to use your character's secondary or melee weapon. Always keep in mind also that you can take out entire groups of infested in tight spaces simply by throwing a Molotov cocktail at the right moment, rather than relying on the classic and expensive rain of bullets. Another good habit is to take advantage of elevated positions, such as the roof of a container or the top of a flight of stairs, whenever you have the opportunity: it is much easier to aim by shooting from above or while infested try to climb.

Beware of traps

Back 4 Blood, a colossus As previously mentioned, advancing with caution will make it easier to identify the presence of hidden dangers. In particular, we advise you to be careful of four types of traps, which if activated will make a horde of angry weeds swoop on you, namely birds, security doors, machine alarms and moles.

The most common danger is flocks of birds. Running or firing a shot in their vicinity will frighten them and the ensuing din will attract numerous enemies. The same goes for doors with alarms (you will recognize them by the signs in plain sight above them), but unfortunately sometimes you will be forced to open them to proceed. Currently there is a trick, a bit ingenious: fire a shot near the door to attract a haunted on the other side of the wall or nearby. If it hits the door even once, the alarm will be silenced and you can safely open it.

Car alarms, however, are much less permissive. A single hit is all it takes to activate them by summoning a horde of zombies. The game will notify you of their location and you will be able to recognize them by the flashing lights. Finally, there are the insidious moles, which you will recognize by the gigantic mass of meat they have in place of the neck. Try to sneak around these types of enemies or alternatively take them out with a single well-placed shot using a large-caliber weapon, such as an upgraded sniper rifle. As in the previous cases, if bothered the Moles will emit a deafening sound that will attract the horde.

Creating the deck

Back 4 Blood, the cards One of the most important features in Black 4 Blood is the card system. These offer some really useful buffs or modifiers, such as increasing movement speed, stamina, damage to pest weak spots, and so on. Considering that there are around 150 different cards in the game, you will be spoiled for choice when building your own custom deck.

Creating a deck with reasoning can mean the difference between team success and failure, especially at difficulty Nightmare. At first you will start with the standard deck offered by the game, but as you play the campaign you will get new cards with more desperate effects and the potential builds will increase dramatically. For this reason we advise you to stay away from the higher difficulties until you have a good number of cards. Rather it is better to get the deck (pardon the pun) on the lowest or intermediate difficulty and try various types of bonuses and custom decks that are able to enhance your style and the skills of your favorite characters.

For example, if you want an ideal deck to support your team, cards like Motivating Sacrifice (when a team member is down all teammates gain 25 additional health) and Anima Pia (healing a teammate restores your health) are for you. Also keep in mind that the draw is not entirely random. The top card of your deck will always be the one whose effects are activated at the start of the game, so choose the one that best suits your purpose. In the same way, the cards you place at the end of the deck will be the ones you can use in the advanced stages.

If you want to do things right, then, we advise you to test the decks in singleplayer, before joining the fray. of multiplayer. Although you can't get any rewards by playing with bots, in this mode you will be able to access all the cards in the game immediately. In this way you will be able to create the deck of your dreams and test it in the field as it should be, without therefore wasting time and resources to unlock the cards.

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