Amazon: 10 unmissable products for less than 1 euro!

Amazon: 10 unmissable products for less than 1 euro!


Amazon wants to surprise its users with a frightening number of initiatives, each dedicated to a particular need. The US portal, today, has seen fit to inaugurate a new promotion involving ten unmissable products, distributed at a price less than one euro. In this article we have decided to group these economic items, in such a way as to allow you to save a lot of money.

The list is made up of ten products, belonging to the most disparate categories of the portal, precisely to meet the different needs of users. It should be noted that the selling price does not include shipping costs and some products are not compatible with Amazon Prime fast shipping. So, without further ado, we wish you a good reading and a good shopping!

Editor's note: we have updated the article in question to October 23, 2021 with a new addition!

Lorenlli Wireless Car Receiver

As the first product we want to recommend the purchase of the wireless receiver developed by Lorenlli. It is a small instrument that can be connected to your car and allows you to listen to the music of your smartphone from the cabin speakers. The connection is made through a 3.5 mm audio jack and Bluetooth connectivity. There is also the possibility to make and receive video calls, with hands-free function.

»Buy Lorenlli Wireless Receiver for only € 0.49

(Shipping costs: € 3.29)

Multi USB Cable

A spare USB cable can always be used, especially for those who travel a lot. Among these, we recommend that you take a look at the 3-in-1 USB multi-cable, which therefore boasts three connectors. The first with USB-C interface for latest generation smartphones; the second for devices with Micro-USB for older devices; the third for iPhones since we find a lightning connector. The price is just under 50 cents, and different colors are available.

»Buy Multi USB Cable for € 0.50

(Shipping costs: € 3.99)

AllRing watch

It is always a good opportunity to buy a product that can improve your look. The next product that we recommend is a watch, produced by AllRing, which is characterized by a trendy and above all minimalist design, in such a way as to be suitable for male and female suits. In addition to this, it is the perfect gift for birthdays or, in general, for certain occasions.

»Buy AllRing Watch at € 0.89

(Shipping costs: € 3.85)

YoBuyBuy LED watch

Among the products for less than one euro, we suggest you take a look at the wristwatch developed by YoBuyBuy. It is a small device for children that features a central body with LED display and a silicone gel strap. Also great for checking your training performance with the convenient timer function.

»Buy YoBuyBuy LED Watch for 0.01 €

(Shipping costs: 1.99 €)

Lodenlli USB mini-vacuum cleaner

Crumbs on your notebook keyboard? No fear! The Lodenlli mini vacuum cleaner takes care of it! This little USB gem can provide a quick and easy cleaning experience on computers, keyboards, printers and photographic equipment. Its USB interface allows you to use it without any time limit. Inside we find a small and brand new German motor of high quality version 4.0 that guarantees a super suction.

»Buy Lodenlli USB mini-vacuum cleaner for 0.99 €

(Shipping costs: € 3.99)

Palm rest for desktop Ba30DEllylelly

If you want to buy a palm rest for desktop, then the one developed by Ba30DEllylelly is the right solution for your workstation, considering its selling price tending to zero. It features a non-slip base design, and is easy to clean and convenient to use. In addition to that, it is made of a water-resistant material, which is why it offers greater security than other products in this market segment.

»Buy Ba30DEllylelly Desktop Wrist Rest for € 0.99

(Shipping costs: 4,99 €)

USB antenna for wireless connection

Another product with excellent specifications is the USB antenna for the wireless connection created by Lorenlli, in particular the model MTK7601. We are talking about a small USB key that therefore allows you to connect to the Internet, especially suitable for those who do not have a device capable of browsing the web. Supports 802.11b / g / n technologies.

»Buy USB antenna for wireless connection for € 0.99

(Shipping costs: € 3.29)

Sensitiveliu anti-loss keyring

If you are interested in an anti-loss keyring, we recommend that you purchase the one developed by Sensitiveliu. It is a small device to add to the keys, and ensures maximum security as it warns - via wireless connection - that your smartphone has been lost. It also boasts the remote self-timer function, which operates autonomously after a certain amount of time.

»Buy Sensitiveliu anti-loss keychain for € 0.25

(Shipping costs: 3, 99 €)

Mouse Yixikejiyouxian

Among other products sold for less than one euro, we suggest you take a look at the wireless mouse developed by Yixikejiyouxian. First of all, it has a compartment for two AA batteries, and ensures low energy consumption. They connect to your PC via a 2.4 GHz wireless connection and can operate up to 10 meters.

»Buy Yixikejiyouxian Mouse for 0.01 €

(Shipping costs: 4, 99 €)

Mouse Ba30DEllylelly

As the latest product, we present another mouse, but this time made by Ba30DEllylelly. This small device (as in the case of the old article) has a compartment for mini-stylus batteries and ensures good autonomy with reduced energy consumption. The connection is made with a 2.4 GHz wireless line, while the operating distance is up to 10 meters.

»Buy Mouse Ba30DEllylelly at 0,69 €

(Shipping costs: 3 , € 99)

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