Halloween 2021 | The best board games

Halloween 2021 | The best board games

Halloween night is upon us, and again this year we are all preparing to welcome it in style. There are those who will celebrate with the classic "trick or treat", those who prefer to go to a party or even those who will spend it at home with friends. Today we have prepared a surprise just for the latter, especially for those who love board games.

A nice way to spend Halloween evening can in fact be to meet up with friends, simply to have fun with a nice boxed game while the scariest night of the year goes by outside. In view of October 31, here is a list of the best board games to have fun on Halloween night. You are ready ?

The best board games for Halloween 2021

Escape Room - The board game Shining Dixit Faraon The houses of madness Voodoo Escape from the Asylum Cluedo Unlock Exotic Adventures Jumanji Maxi Drunk

Escape Room - The board game

Have you ever lived the experience of the Escape Room? Take our word for it: this is something truly one of a kind, but most of all incredibly fun… Especially when done with the right people! With this board game you will be able to relive that experience to the fullest, in an adventure that offers 4 different scenarios to be completed in a 60-second race against time. Not bad, right?


If you think of Halloween night you can't help but think of The Shining, a film by Stanley Kubrick. from the Stephen King novel of the same name with a truly incredible cultural impact. In this boxed game we find ourselves reliving the experience of surviving in the mysterious Overlook Hotel, in an adventure that is perfect to be lived by 3 to 5 players and which will not fail to offer truly scary moments. In short, the perfect board game for Halloween!


Let's move on to a great classic of board games, also suitable for a special night like Halloween. Dixit needs no introduction: the perfect boxed game for 3 to 6 players, entirely in Italian


Thanks to of truly unique atmospheres, Faraon has become over the years one of the most loved board games in the world. A classic by Ravensburger designed for 1-5 players from 7 to 99 years old: the rules may not be immediate, but once you understand, you can be sure that you will find yourself in the middle of one of the most fascinating adventures with which to spend a few hours in company.

The houses of madness

Let's go back to the pure Halloween theme with a title that many of you will already know: The houses of madness, published by Asmodee, it is in fact a perfect experience for a night like that of October 31st. An investigative title with a high rate of immersion, perfect for a number that reaches up to 5 players and in which a strong inspiration from the works of H.P. Lovecraft: do you need more to enjoy Halloween night?


Let's change genres with another boxed game suitable for Halloween night: Voodoo, an adventure for 3 -6 players from 8 to 99 years old where you will make life difficult for your opponents with spells. A much more light-hearted title than the previous ones, capable of guaranteeing laughter and fun for all ages even without very simple rules to understand.

Escape from the Asylum

Another Escape Room-style experience to live, perfect for making the night even more gloomy and scary of Halloween. Escape from the Asylum is just that: a title divided into two parts, each with five stories to be discovered, where exploration and collaboration will be two strict rules to be able to escape from the mysterious North Oaks sanatorium. A fun and immersive board game but, above all, with a very high longevity.


Perhaps the most famous title on this list: Cluedo needs no introduction, as it is a accounts of one of the most famous boxed games among fans but not only. In fact, we will find ourselves having to shed light on a mysterious murder, where everyone can lie and every clue is not what it seems: a perfect adventure for all ages, to be enjoyed with family and / or friends and designed for 2-6 players.

Unlock Exotic Adventures

Another round, another Escape Room: Unlock Exotic Adventures is a totally separate experience, with three different adventures to live up to 6 players and a very interesting longevity. The structure is the classic one from Escape Room, with unique environments to explore to collect clues to escape, for a challenge that will entertain and involve even the most experienced players. And you, will you be able to escape?


Few board games can boast the cultural impact of Jumanji: a work capable of transcending the boundaries of medium to achieve great success also and above all at a cinematographic level. In this fantastic collector's edition in wood we find in the classic title that we all love and have known for decades: an engaging and perfect adventure for all ages, designed for 2-4 players and full of references and quotes to the beloved film released by now. in 1995.

Maxi Hangover

If up to now we have mostly dealt with titles with gloomy atmospheres in line with Halloween night, let's close by changing definitely tone. As the name suggests, Maxi Drunk is in fact a boxed game designed for adults who want to experience the night of October 31 in a slightly less responsible way. 300 cards with 300 challenges to face, for a title that is easy to understand ("even in a confused state") perfect for an almost infinite number of players. However, remember that, in any case, it is always good to play judiciously: those who drive, in short, do not play!

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