Will Huawei P50 be the first smartphone with HarmonyOS?

Will Huawei P50 be the first smartphone with HarmonyOS?
Huawei P50 could be the Chinese giant's first smartphone to run HarmonyOS, with the company wanting to push towards independence as soon as possible.

After all, when it realized that the Trump government was signing decrees to the tune of ban, the roadmap has been so modified that it was decided that within a few years it would become independent from Android.

From the recent HDC it emerged that HarmonyOS 2.0 now provides support for smartphones and from this month it is already started distributing the SDK to developers who will have the task of populating the AppGallery with more and more applications.

Those who already have the development tool, among other things, speak of a very powerful and intelligent software that "digest "The code created for other OS, recognizing it and adapting it to run under the Harmony environment.

The operating system would therefore be ready to be installed in the first quarter of 2021, with Huawei which could postpone the ggerly the launch of the P50 family to take time and wait for a sufficiently good OS maturity to be able to host as many applications per day one, at least the most important. Then, at least, we will begin to take the first steps in the consumer market.

The Chinese market, we are sure, will have much less trouble following Huawei's definitive turning point. Even lately, with fewer units available in stores, customers have decided to wait to buy smartphones, paying even a little more for them given the lower supply rate.

The real challenge is Europe where the attachment to Android - and Google services - is truly remarkable and most customers won't have too much trouble leaving Huawei for another brand that doesn't have a Ban problem.

In short, if the P50 is chosen as the first HarmonyOS smartphone, the company must be sure that everything is ready to rise to the challenge. And then there is the SoC issue, but we will tell you that story in another article.

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