Who are the first 4 young Italians signed by TikTok

Who are the first 4 young Italians signed by TikTok

Luciano Spinelli, Martina Socrate, Vincenzo Tedesco and Rosalba are the first four creators funded by the social network for their creativity

photo: pixabay 60 million euros, which will increase to 255 in the next three years. This is the amount of the European fund that the social network TikTok has allocated to support the most creative of its creators. Money that will arrive directly in the young pockets of those who produce the contents that are held on the platform, without going through advertising (which has its own marketplace, ed). Anyone can apply for the TikTok fund, as long as they meet some initial criteria. For now, four young Italians have obtained it: Rosalba, Vincenzo Tedesco, Luciano Spinelli and Martina Socrate. Names that (perhaps) will not tell you anything, but the star destined to shine on social media in the near future could be hiding among them. We have collected their stories.


Twenty years old, from Milan, he has grinded 7.7 million followers by moving his lips and feet to the rhythm of the music: he has made lip-sync an art. And so far he has told him well, with two books published by Rizzoli, an appearance in Fiorello's Viva Raiplay and even participation in the dubbing of a film.

“I started my adventure more or less 5 years ago , from my bedroom ”, she tells Wired:“ I felt the need to communicate with the world, but it wasn't easy because of my shyness. So, in my comfort zone, initially with the phone and then with a camera, I started recording something. Then, I learned how to edit and edit videos and I realized that I really liked it. So after almost 5 years, I find myself a wonderful fan base, which has grown with me and which appreciates the contents I offer ”.
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