TikTok Benadryl Challenge, 15 years old who died in the USA: how the crazy challenge works

TikTok Benadryl Challenge, 15 years old who died in the USA: how the crazy challenge works
From time to time (fortunately not on a daily basis) crazy and absurd challenges start on social networks. Senseless competitions between people who have never seen each other in their life, which start out as chains of Saint Anthony and often end in tragedy. It's accessing TikTok again: it's called Benadryl Challenge.

TikTok's new challenge is called Benadryl Challenge, and perhaps from the name you may already have guessed what it consists of: you have to stuff yourself with antihistamine, film yourself and then post the effect on social networks (TikTok in this case) with a short video. From there, the response of others interested in the challenge is awaited, or at least what is considered "consensus" for the participants is collected.

Until, of course, the dead man escapes: overdose of any drug they are easily lethal. And one dead is already there, unfortunately: Chloe Phillips, 15 years old from the United States. His story has shocked the family and foreign media in recent days. Chloe's aunt launched a message on social networks, including TikTok "Please don't let the kids do this. I don't want other families to experience what we are experiencing." The messages were then deleted, although it is not clear why.

It seems appropriate to close this article with a small warning, which may seem obvious: the obvious things are welcome, when they are necessary. We suggest to the boys to stay away from nonsense of this type: there are other ways to get noticed, completely harmless, and for nonsense like the one we have reported to you people die easily. On the other hand, we suggest that adults pay attention to their children, and their actions on social networks: perhaps so many tragedies can be avoided.

TikTok in the meantime (but for other reasons) has been banned from the United States: if an American buyer will not come forward, will have to leave by November 2020.

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