Huawei reaches out to the EU: we have common interests

Huawei reaches out to the EU: we have common interests
Forty-two experience stores opening, hundreds of new jobs to start, investments that will not fail: Huawei reaches out to Europe, and Italy, certifying the fact that the Chinese group's strategies will not take any step backwards despite US ostracism.

Huawei: Dear Europe, I am writing to you

Walter Ji, Vice President Consumer Business Group, Huawei Western Europe, clearly explained the commitment of his group to the old continent , where it has 14,000 employees and 23 research centers:

In recent months, our priority is the safety of people, therefore, as far as possible, we avoid traveling. But we felt it was important to keep our commitments with IFA 2020, one of the European events in the sector to which we are most connected. 82 billion dollars invested in Research and Development in the last decade, to continue promoting innovation. Huawei is in fifth place overall in the ranking of industrial R&D investments in Europe in 2019. A commitment that grows day by day.

Huawei AppGallery is only the latest of the opportunities that have emerged, the most important opportunity born among the meshes of the ban imposed by Trump on the collaboration between Android and the Chinese group: on this front the developers involved are in strong growth and the number of apps available has now reached 81,000, thus creating a new market spread over over 1 million users throughout Europe.
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