Google Drive, empty trash from 13 October

Google Drive, empty trash from 13 October
Google is notifying a news in these days that will involve the Google Drive service starting from 13 October next. In this case, this is the communication issued:

Google Drive will undergo a change so that the items in the trash will be managed in accordance with the rest of the Google applications, such as Gmail, for automatic deletion. This means that all files placed in the Google Drive “My Drive” recycle bin will be automatically deleted after 30 consecutive days of being in the recycle bin.

Google Drive: what happens on October 13

Files won't disappear on October 13, but the new policy will go into effect on October 13 Therefore, 30 days after October 13th, the files that will be present in the recycle bin on October 13th will disappear.

Each user will therefore always have one month to restore the items deleted by mistake or that you intend to restore. Doing so puts order among the various components of the drive service: whoever wants to keep the files will put them in some folder (paying the relative space occupied if the free space available is exceeded), otherwise you will be aware of the fact that after 30 days will disappear irretrievably from the recycle bin.

“These changes“, specifies Google, “only concern items that are placed in the recycle bin from any device and on any platform“. Backup and synchronization, however, will not be affected.

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