Marvel: 80 Years, from Panini the collection of stickers

Marvel: 80 Years, from Panini the collection of stickers
Marvel celebrates 80 years of honorable career in 2020. The publishing house of Spider-Man, X-Men and Iron Man, in fact, began its amazing adventure in 1940, in the middle of the Golden Age. Over the course of these decades, what we know today as Marvel has gone through several phases, changing its name, but helping to create the history of superhero comics, especially starting with the Silver Age. A story, that of Marvel, which we can relive today thanks to the collection of Marvel stickers: 80 Years.

In a certain sense, it is understandable how Panini, the Italian publisher of the House of Ideas, has decided to celebrate this milestone with an unmissable collection of stickers. On the other hand, we are talking about Panini, which for entire generations of Italians has been synonymous with endless collections of football players, dinosaurs and dozens of other themes. Choosing to dedicate a collection to Marvel is an exciting way to guide comic book fans on an eighty-year ride, reliving the historic stages of Marvel Comics' life.

Marvel: 80 Years, tell the history of the House of Ideas

In 192 stickers, in fact, we have the opportunity to retrace the history of the comic book publishing house that more than any other has marked pop culture. We do not think that since it is a collection of stickers this operation is suitable for an audience of teenagers only, because the work of Marco Rizzo, who created this project during the lockdown, is comparable to a small encyclopedia of the history of Marvel.

Starting from the first steps of Timely Comics in 1940, in fact, each page of the Marvel: 80 Years album allows us to get to know aspects so far little known even to the most passionate readers of Avengers and company comics. With the appearance of Captain America and the first Human Torch, in fact, in the early 1940s an evolution of stories and themes began that marked the transition first to Atlas Comics and finally to Marvel Comics.

In all these years, the Marvel identity was taking shape. For every figurine we attach, we discover a new truth about this incredible publishing house. By attaching the stickers of Marvel Monsters & Pink Stories we have the opportunity to learn how Captain America moved on to tackle new themes, at the end of the Golden Age, also giving life to comics aimed at a female audience, such as Life with Millie, where Patsy also appeared. Walker, the future Hellcat.

Each figurine, single or double, has a short caption that helps to understand the importance of what is portrayed in the image. Rizzo has carefully selected which covers to choose from the long Marvelian production, offering readers not only some of the most loved characters, but also providing notions on the Marvel universe that broaden the knowledge of this world, also encouraging the discovery of new heroes. br>
By completing the album, we also have the opportunity to relive some of the hardest moments in contemporary history, such as the number of Spider-Man dedicated to the tragedy of September 11th. In fact, the Marvel: 80 Years album also demonstrates how superhero comics can be a unique but exciting way to face the real world. Not surprisingly, this section of the album is titled as one of the most evocative recent Marvel volumes, The World Outside the Window, itself born from a saying of the late Stan Lee, as told by C.B. Cebulski

“Stan Lee always said that Marvel is the world outside the window”

And it is by reading this unique sticker album that the philosophy of Smiling Stan seems palpable. In addition to the stickers, in fact, there are also collector cards, one for each packet, which portray some of the most loved characters of the House of Ideas. Made by authors such as Alex Ross, Gabrielle dell'Otto and Bill Everett, these 50 cards are a real collection in the collection, which we can keep in a special package, included in the purchase of the album.

Marvel: 80 Years is a sticker album suitable for all fans of the House of Ideas, which should be accompanied by the volume Marvel: 80 wonderful years, written by Marco Rizzo and Fabio Licari, which further explores the history of the publishing house that has decades excites us with its superheroes.

You can accompany the album Marvel: 80 Years to the volume Marvel: 80 wonderful years.

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