Cloud Hosting, features and the best services

Cloud Hosting, features and the best services
Cloud hosting is an increasingly popular solution due to its many advantages: versatility, scalability, stability and flexibility are some of the reasons why many companies and individuals choose cloud hosting.

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What is cloud hosting

As we have seen in the hosting guide, there are several solutions available for those who want to create a website: dedicated hosting, shared hosting, VPS and, in fact, cloud hosting.

With cloud hosting, providers provide the customer with a virtual environment instead of a physical server (as happens, for example, in shared hosting) that is essentially translates into the possibility of hosting the site database on an infrastructure of synchronized servers that share the rice rse, in other words, is made up of a series of resources distributed in a network of physical components.

Cloud hosting is especially suitable for websites with high traffic or with seasonal peaks.

How cloud hosting works

Usually, with the most popular hosting services, a physical server hosts the entire database of a site: it can share the space with other websites (shared hosting) or have a dedicated space (dedicated hosting).
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