Alexa for Residential: One administrator, many Alexa

Alexa for Residential: One administrator, many Alexa
Alexa is no longer just a private affair. On the contrary, with the new "Alexa for Residential" service, it can become a tool to increase the quality within rental homes, becoming a real additional service to improve the "smart" profile of the experience within the 'busy environment.

Alexa for Residential

Whoever manages the "admin" account will have the ability to control the basic options on each related Amazon Echo, thus being able to enter specific commands for place orders, pay rent, ask for information and more. The user will not necessarily have to have an Amazon account in order to activate the Echo and communicate with Alexa: everything will already be pre-configured properly. If the user has his own account, he can add it and thus find on the device the same experience he already has at home (therefore, for example, being able to enjoy his own personalized playlists).

Once once the stay in the room or apartment is over, the user can reset the device without however deleting the settings previously desired by the administrator, thus making Alexa an added value able to provide a welcome message to the next guest. The debut is currently reserved for the USA, but this type of service could have a lot to say in the future in the European hotel sector: if the experiment works, Amazon will inevitably expand the scope of coverage even outside the borders of the States.

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