Xbox Series X: dashboard unveiled by a new official video!

Xbox Series X: dashboard unveiled by a new official video!
The wait for the new generation of consoles is getting harder, especially considering that Microsoft and Sony Interactive Entertainment are reluctant to share details such as price and release date. Now, however, the Redmond company has shared a new official video showing the Xbox Series X dashboard.

The movie does not focus solely on the dashboard, but shows it for a few seconds. Microsoft's trailer focuses on the concept of ecosystem. "Xbox was designed as a new ecosystem interconnected between multiple devices that allows you to play the way you want to play: it will be available with Xbox Series X. Regardless of the device you choose, Xbox aspires to give you access to a great experience that connects you. to games and friends throughout the day. This new user experience will allow you to navigate effortlessly and be extremely accessible and inclusive for all players. You'll spend less time waiting and more time playing, and you'll always be connected. "

Here is the movie. The dashboard is visible already in the early stages, at 0:18 minutes. We can see that Microsoft has chosen an essential design, with squares for the games present on the console and rectangles to access the library and the latest news available.

The video also explains that the homepage of the console loads 15% faster when starting the device and is almost 1/3 faster when exiting a game. Furthermore, all the improvements have been designed according to an optimization perspective: Microsoft has saved 40% of the memory usage compared to the old versions.

Great attention was also paid to the social components of the Xbox Series X. For example, when you register a game section, it is sent directly to the mobile device connected to the account so that you can share it more easily via social networks or privately with your friends.

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