UFC 4: here's where to buy it at the best price

UFC 4: here's where to buy it at the best price
Update 12 August 2020: now there are only a few days left until the launch of UFC 4. Book it now at the lowest price on the market!

In just under a month, that is to say exactly on 14 August, it will finally land on the UFC 4 market , the latest awaited videogame revival of the violent discipline that has consecrated numerous leading personalities to history. A title that, as always, promises to make sparks among fans thanks to a graphic design of the highest importance and an absolutely accurate repetition of the various clashes that recurrently fill the famous octagonal ring. Although there are still a few weeks left until the launch of the title, it is still possible to book it at a more than interesting price.

This eagerly awaited fourth installment promises to introduce numerous gameplay improvements, such as smoother clinch control, a revision of the takedown and ground and pound mechanics. In addition to all this UFC 4 will also include new game environments, such as a courtyard in the suburbs or an exotic arena based on the legendary tradition of Kumite.

By pre-ordering UFC 4, you can then get a rich additional digital content containing Tyson Fury, Anthony Joshua and two different customization packages. The Courtyard package contains ripped denim shorts, a camouflage shirt and amateur MMA gloves, a cap and, finally, a gold chain. The Kumite customization package, on the other hand, includes the Kumite gladiator shorts, the Kumite cobra t-shirt, rope gloves, a cobra mask and a Kumite necklace. In short, a significant reason to jump ahead and book the EA sports title right now.

Gamestop – Standard Edition PS4 | 70,98€ Gamestop – Standard Edition Xbox One | 70,98€

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