Transcribing your recordings: just like in Word

Transcribing your recordings: just like in Word
Microsoft has</a> announced an interesting new feature in its Microsoft 365 universe (first of all via Word Web App), something that could heavily change the work of many professionals who need to transcribe audio streams such as interviews on a daily basis.

Transcribing the recordings in Word

“Transcribing the recordings” will do exactly that, bringing the audio and text flow on the same level to allow easy editing in post-production:

Transcribe converts the word (recorded directly into Word or from an uploaded audio file) into a text transcript with each speaker separated individually. After a conversation, an interview or a meeting, you can review parts of the recording by playing the timestamped audio and editing the transcript to make corrections. You can save the complete transcript as a Word document or insert snippets of code into existing documents.

Transcribing recordings: how it works

The only requirement for transcription (which doesn't happen " live ”) is to have a pre-recorded audio stream. This stream can also be created via Word for Web "while making notes in the drawing area" through the Dictation> Start Recording menu and after granting Chrome or Edge the relevant audio capture permissions.
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