The best PS5 accessories | Controller, camera, headphones and VR

The best PS5 accessories | Controller, camera, headphones and VR
We still don't know the date but, barring last-minute surprises, by the end of 2020 we can finally get our hands on PS5, the next generation Sony Interactive Entertainment console. The gaming machine is ready to amaze us with its exclusive games, such as Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morale, Ratchet & Clack Rift Apart and Demon’s Souls, the remake of the progenitor of a genre now known to all. The console itself is also very interesting, with its design. In order to play PlayStation 5, however, you need a number of peripherals and accessories such as controllers, charging bases, headphones and remote controls. In this article of ours we therefore want to gather those which are the best accessories for PS5 already confirmed as compatible with the new console.

Obviously for the moment we have no way to try all the accessories on this list for yourself. Furthermore, it is possible that the compatibility of new peripherals already on the market may be gradually confirmed. Over time, we will update our article to keep you informed of the best PS5 accessories available on the market.

The best accessories for PS5

Controller DualSense Pulse 3D Wireless Headset Remote Controller DualSense Charging Station HD Camera PlayStation VR

Controller DualSense

Every console will of course include at least one controller to PS5, known as the DualSense, but many will want to have a second to play with friends. The controller official will be certainly one of the best accessories for PS5, especially thanks to its unique features : the haptic feedback and the triggers adaptive will add a further sensorial dimension to video games; also included, is a built-in microphone and a button Create, which will replace and evolve the “old” Share. Do not miss the touch pad, in continuity with the controller PS4, but the overall shape of the controller will change slightly, adapting to the hands of any size.

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Pulse 3D Wireless Headset

PlayStation-5 will include within the Tempest Engine, which is responsible to manage the sound. The console of Sony offers in fact a full 3D audio, but you can enjoy it must be one of the best accessories for PS5: the Pulse 3D Wireless Headset. These wireless headphones allow you to enjoy in the comfort of their favorite games to sound quality, and maximum , taking advantage of the dual-noise-canceling microphone to chat undisturbed with your friends. Can be recharged via USB Type-C.

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Remote Controller

PS5, like all the other console, it is not only a game console but also a media center from the living room to watch movies and TV series, also thanks to the support of all major streaming (such as Netflix, Disney +, etc.). Of course, to be able to watch comfortably from the couch their favorite products, you need a dedicated remote control , which is certainly more comfortable than a controller, not designed to be used with a single hand. To be able to look through PS5 movies and TV series, there will be nothing better of the Remote Controller official.

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DualSense Charging Station

What's worse is that to access the console and discover that your controller DualSense is completely discharged? To discover the second controller DualSense is completely discharged. To resolve the problem in the bud, the best solution is the Charging Station the official PS5 : this base allows you to charge simultaneously two controllers, so as to not risk never stay dry on the most beautiful. Of course, you can always reload the DualSense simply by connecting it via USB cable, but if you are in search of the best accessories for PS5, then this basis should not be missing in your collection.

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HD Camera

The console are now a multimedia centre for creative minds, not only game machines to enjoy in solitude. Like the PS4, even the PlayStation 5 will have a new room, perfect for broadcasts and videos of their gaming sessions in full HD resolution . Professionals will opt for other solutions, but for anyone who wants a starting point and an accessory for PS5 perfectly compatible, the HD Camera is certainly the perfect choice. Also, it will be essential for all those games that take advantage of the room.

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PlayStation VR

As we all know, the headset for the virtual reality PlayStation VR will be fully compatible with PS5. Of course, rumors have repeatedly pointed to the arrival of a new version of the device, which ensures the support to games more graphically elaborate, and the best features of the first version, but for now we don't have any announcement about it. Considering that it is usable already now with the PS4 , it is definitely one of the best accessories for PS5 (as well as the only headset VR compatible). Let us remember that many games for the PlayStation 4 will be compatible with PlayStation 5, then most likely you can continue to enjoy your library VR already purchased.

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