SanDisk, many microSD and SSDs on offer on Amazon

SanDisk, many microSD and SSDs on offer on Amazon
Update August 17, 2020: Amazon and SanDisk have extended the duration of the promotion! We advise you to hurry up so as not to miss this great opportunity to buy microSD and SSD at super prices!

Even during the eve of mid-August, Amazon's offers of the day cannot be missed but, as usual, the shopping giant online was not enough. Today Amazon offers many SanDisk products on offer with discounts that can exceed 60% including SSD, Memory Card Micro SD and USB sticks, what are you waiting for?

One of the offers that we want to highlight concerns a disk SanDisk Ultra 3D solid state: the 2.5 ″ SSD in question with SATA III interface has an impressive 1TB of capacity and reaches write speeds of 560MB / s, ideal for installing some of your games or programs that used more often, great for replacing an old and slow mechanical hard drive. The software dedicated to its management is provided together with the SSD. The SanDisk SSD panel allows you to observe in real time how your drive is performing, includes cloning software to help you configure the new disk from the old HDD, some tools for disk analysis and will update you promptly in case of firmware updates available for download.

SanDisk SSD Ultra 3D 1TB can be yours at the reduced price of € 118.26 instead of € 304.99, an offer definitely not to be missed!

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