Refurbished for Back to School: here they are

Refurbished for Back to School: here they are
A few weeks after the start of the new school year, and in the midst of all the unknowns that this new year will bring, having a new PC (both for smart working and for remote study) could be one way precautionary to avoid making urgent choices when the need should be dictated by changing contexts. To avoid having to invest in new products, especially when the recipient is a novice boy, you can opt for the refurbished option, that is, reconditioned and ready-to-use devices, but in fact used and at an extremely reduced price. .

Refurbished notebooks for school

The options available are varied, both on Amazon and on eBay, and there is no shortage of opportunities. These are just some examples from which to take inspiration for your search for the ideal device with which to enrich your study or work from home:

Refurbished laptops on Amazon

Lenovo ThinkPad T440 (439 euro) Fujitsu Lifebook E734 (349 euro) Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 12 (349 euro)

Refurbished laptops on eBay

HP Elitebook 840 (190 euro) Apple Macbook (149.9 euro) HP ProBook (229.99 euro ) In each of these cases it is sufficient to follow the instructions on the page to have all the necessary clarifications as to the seller's guarantee, so as to be able to access the refurbished market with full awareness of the terms of the purchase.

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