PS5 less powerful and more expensive than Xbox Series X? An insider confirms, another denies

PS5 less powerful and more expensive than Xbox Series X? An insider confirms, another denies
PS5 will be less powerful and more expensive than Xbox Series X, and will struggle with 4K games: well-known insider Dusk Golem reiterated the rumors he himself circulated days ago, but another insider has branded his statements as nonsense .

Let's take a step back to frame the issue: last Sunday Dusk Golem returned to talk about Resident Evil Village on Twitter, revealing that on PS5 1080p and 60 fps are hardly reached by third party titles and taking precisely the example of the new episode of the Capcom series.

Today, a few hours after having reported the news that Resident Evil Village will be the longest chapter in RE Engine ever, the insider has addressed the subject again of the technical capabilities of PlayStation 5, confirming precisely that the console struggles with 4K games.

"Users should psychologically prepare for the real possibility that PS5 will end up being the most expensive platform of the two ", wrote Dusk Golem referring to the possible sale price of next-gen systems, before firing the bomb:

" I was asked not to say too much and I'm trying to respect the indications that I have been provided, but I repeat: get ready for the idea that Xbox Series X is the least expensive but also the most powerful console. "

" I used Resident Evil 8 as an example, but I have also heard from other developers that PS5 struggles, particularly with 4K games, and so we'll see a lot of fake, dynamic 4K. "

" Some don't care, mind you, but be prepared for such a scenario. Xbox Series X doesn't suffer from the same difficulties. "

As mentioned, however, another insider on the ResetEra forum has branded Dusk Golem's claims as completely baseless.

it Is TheNexus, insider checked the forum as well as brand marketing specialist: "it is Not at all true, rest assured," he wrote, suggesting to wait for the next wave of news on the Sony console.

that is Not the end here: while expressing his respect towards Dusk Golem, also another verified user of ResetEra, in this case, a developer, has put in doubt the words of the well-known leaker, saying that they are not absolutely indicative of how things are.

Then came in detail of the matter relating to the power of the two consoles: "you will See a lot of 4K fake' on both systems, always in order to get the best", wrote the developer.

"Hear, Xbox Series X has a GPU is clearly more powerful than the PS5. Therefore, you will see that in general, games running at 4K on the Microsoft console and at a lower resolution of 15-20-25% on the Sony."

"However, you'll also see games running at 4K on both platforms, as well as games that have differences larger or negligible compared to the average. There will probably be titles that will run better on PS5, compared to the Xbox Series X, because sometimes it happens: even the Xbox One and PS4 Pro occasionally beat the PS4 and Xbox One X."

"in Addition, PlayStation 5 features a clear and large advantage in terms of I/O and some games will benefit, but these consoles are literally the two competing machines are closer in terms of power we have ever seen. Which is a positive thing."

At the end of the discussion, which is stored on the forum ResetEra, Dusk Golem began to receive on the part of the fanboy PlayStation a quantity of insults and accusations of being a supporter of the Xbox, or even a person in the pay of Microsoft.

Or spread the voice that the social profile belongs in reality to a collective hired to divert attention with respect to the latest developments in the line-up of launch of the Xbox Series X, sensationally private Halo Infinite .

There was, finally, those who reported the news that the same Dusk Golem had admitted her guilt, which, however, does not appear anywhere. Rather, the insider has published a series of posts to address the current situation and respond to the accusations.

"to See people pulling out the cospiracionist theories to prove that there is a purpose behind your statements is... interesting," he wrote. "I have seen many people try to dipingermi as a fanboy of Microsoft, but the truth is that I don't play with an Xbox by the time of the 360, and I have devoted to the Halo series is less than three hours in total."

"I've never played with an episode of the Fable, never played with an episode of Gears, I don't even know really what are the games that excite the users Xbox. You lost the context of what I wanted to share, maybe I have not been far-sighted, but I was just responding in a thread regarding something that I heard."

"that Said, in 2014 I was lucky enough to win a Xbox One limited edition of The Evil Within, and without not even register the draw: it was an event of PAX, with the winner drawn at random. I never even turned on, but I still do."

that Said, we try to close finally this discussion with a simple argument.

We have quoted the words of Dusk Golem on the technical limitations of PS5, and the possible price simply because it is an insider who in recent times has proven to have contacts with those who work behind the scenes and has predicted correctly the announcement of Resident Evil Village, as well as probably will prove to be spot-on with his leak about the new Silent Hill.

However, these items will not be taken as pure gold, not because they are false but because they concern only a few of the developers currently working on PlayStation 5, and are free-floating: it is not clear exactly what kind of graphics face struggle at 4K on the Sony console, maybe you talk about ray tracing and effects advanced: we don't know.

That the Xbox Series X has a GPU more powerful than the PS5 I think it is an aspect that we can all agree: without even wanting to tackle the issue of variable frequencies and, therefore, TFLOPS, on the one hand we have 52 compute unit, of the other part 36: it is clear that in carrying out the same work, the Microsoft platform is an advantage.

Then, as we have said, up to exhaustion, that these rumors are founded or not we'll find out by the end of the year, when in addition to the exclusive first party will be available on the PS5 and Xbox Series X also different games cross-platform perfectly comparable with a successful technique.

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