Nintendo Indie World: All games announced on August 18th

Nintendo Indie World: All games announced on August 18th
The new episode of Nintendo Indie World has finally aired, the streaming event dedicated to independent games coming to Switch. What games are announced? What trailers are available? In this article we present all the video games shown during the twenty minutes of Nintendo Indie World today, August 18, 2020.


Supergiant, former authors of Pyre and Transistor, present the Nintendo Switch version of Hades, game already available on PC. It is an isometric dungeon crawler inspired by Greek mythology. It is a rogue-lite: with each death, we start again in a new procedurally generated level. The game offers cross-save, so you can continue your games started on PC. No specific release date has been indicated: it will arrive in the fall.

Hypnospace Outlaw

Introducing Hypnospace Outlaw, a game already available on PC. It is an adventure that puts us in the shoes of a moderator who has to find and delete a series of messages or internet pages that contravene the rules of "Hypnospace, a kind of retro internet network. It will be available from August 27, but it is already possible to try the demo today.


A new management game in which we will have to guide a series of animal spirits in life after death with our ship. The boat is customizable and we can create new rooms to make it more efficient. The game will also include alternate sections (e.g. exploratory platform style) and minigames. Available today.

Garden Story

A new retro game that takes us to a magical world populated by colorful creatures. This is an action adventure with a top-down view in which we will have to collect materials to rebuild a town, go on an adventure by defeating monsters and make friends with the many secondary characters. It will be available in 2021.

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