Mortal Shell | Review: a particular Souls-like

Mortal Shell | Review: a particular Souls-like
It is never exciting to describe a game by comparing it to another. Mortal Shell, however, from the first loading screen, not only does not hide, but rather flaunts its link with the games it inspires, or the Soulsborne. Here the comparison with the From Software titles does not become simply legitimate, but necessary to tell what is and how the title developed by Cold Symmetry and published by Playstack works.

The dungeons, however small, are stylistically very well cared for.

The ghost in the shell | Mortal Shell

The first big difference with the reference titles is that in Mortal Shell there are no stats, much less classes. During the adventure, the protagonist will be able to take possession of some Enclosures (four are officially available), provided, however, that they have first been found around the settings. These fallen warriors represent the archetypes of classic action RPG builds, differing from each other in abilities and combat parameters such as energy points and stamina. These are flanked by the bars of Determination charged by facing enemies and consumed for some particular actions, such as special attacks or parries, or for other simpler ones such as kicks.

From the point of view of skills, the Casings have some identical, while the others, more numerous, are exclusive. For example, our favorite Enclosure, Eredrim "The Venerable", can count on a higher amount of life than the others and has an ability that allows you to get an attack boost every time you kill an enemy. Harros, on the other hand, the first casing you get, is more suited to the early stages of the game with many skills more focused on petrification.

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