Kindle Unlimited: marketing and programming, free

Kindle Unlimited: marketing and programming, free
Who said that under the umbrella or in the hammock you should only read biographies and novels? Thanks to Kindle Unlimited, accessible for free throughout the summer, it is possible, in fact, to deepen a theme and go ahead with training, so that we can arrive in September with some more "skills" and all the relaxation we needed.

Marketing, programming, writing, design and much more. How much? Zero: it's all free.

Kindle Unlimited: learn, for free

A few examples:

WordPress, the complete guide UX Writing: micro texts, macro impact Survival manual for UX designer: practical guide to designing Social media marketing 2019 MySQL: SQL database for beginners Web Development: Server Side Web Development

Why buy them, when is it possible to have them for free? To have this opportunity, simply access the offer that allows you to start a free subscription to Kindle Unlimited. Usually the trial period is equal to one month, but at this stage Amazon offers 2 months for free (after which you can cancel the subscription at no additional cost: just one click). If you intend to continue with the use of the Unlimited program, the cost will be equal to 9.99 euros per month (always less than the cost of a paper book).

Amazon Kindle Unlimited offers up to 1 million books, of all kinds, for unlimited reading from any device (both on Kindle and thanks to the PC app). Here all the details.

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