In iOS 13.7 beta there is the non-future of Immuni

In iOS 13.7 beta there is the non-future of Immuni
Apple has released in the last few hours a new beta release update of its operating system which hides the future (or rather, the non-future) of Immuni. This is a step to be analyzed carefully, since Immuni's path was misunderstood from the beginning and in this handover the risk is that further confusion will be made in the rush to arrive at judgments. So here's what's - probably - about to happen.

iOS 13.7 beta: so will contact tracing

One thing must be clear: there is nothing new on the horizon, nor are the exact ways in which all this will happen. What is about to happen was foreseen from the beginning, ever since our country decided that the best thing to do was to rely on the Apple / Google platform to be able to build a tracking system that could be as effective immediately and the more durable over time. The choice, in retrospect, was correct: those who took different paths soon understood that they were dead ends and for everything the collective interest emerged to work profitably for a common project around which to bring together individual resources. Apple and Google have put the project into it, the individual states have aligned.

The project, from the very beginning, had three phases:
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