Immuni respects privacy (and reiterates it)

Immuni respects privacy (and reiterates it)
If the official Twitter profile of Immuni shares a post (below) in which it emphasizes how the application does not compromise privacy in any way during use, it means that there is fear. A mistrust that spreads limiting the potential of the initiative and preventing the application from reaching the population quota necessary to make contact tracing effective.

Are privacy fears holding back Immuni?

The intervention on the social network reaffirms that Immuni does not collect GPS data or other information of a personal nature, using completely anonymous codes for its purposes and saving what is needed directly in the smartphone with cryptographic protection. Attached is a link that refers to the FAQ section of the official website. In short, yet another attempt to convince those who for frankly incomprehensible reasons continue to consider software a threat to their private sphere.

Maybe you didn't know that the #Immuni app ...

🚫 Does not collect GPS data

🚫Does not collect personal data

✅Uses anonymous codes

✅Saves data on the mobile phone in encrypted form

Find out more about how we protect your privacy, read our FAQ 👉

- Immuni App (@immuni_app) August 11, 2020

Pierpaolo Sileri, Deputy Minister of Health, also intervened on the subject, considering up to now the application as a useful tool to counter the spread of the disease "too underestimated".

The young people seem to have a higher resistance to the #COVID19 but must comply with the rules, however, and do an act of responsibility towards their family and also their friends: download #immune 1/2 #lariachetirala7 @La7tv

— Pierpaolo Sileri (@piersileri) August 10, 2020

many people In this period of resumption of activities and travel, you are spending to promote its use, at the institutional level and not only. The use of Immune obviously cannot by itself replace the adoption of the measures already in place relating to the material, social, and personal protective equipment where necessary, but can be an important ally in the fight against COVID-19 , especially in a perspective.

The latest official figures regarding the diffusion of the app go back in a couple of weeks ago, updated to 31 July : then, it had reached 4.5 million downloads , a share that is not sufficient to ensure an adequate coverage of the area especially in view of the season of autumn, according to some members of the scientific community may carry a second spike in the volume of cases.

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