Ghost of Tsushima: patch 1.06 available, let's see the news of the update

Ghost of Tsushima: patch 1.06 available, let's see the news of the update
Ghost of Tsushima is updated in these hours with the 1.06 patch, which modifies some elements of the PS4 game and adds something new, as revealed by the official notes to be honest rather laced, a sign of a not too heavy update by Sucker Punch .

So let's see the main news of this 1.06 update for Ghost of Tsushima, a game that continues to be very popular with the public, as evidenced by the record of positive votes from users on Metacritic, sales a little around the world.

Among the novelties there are changes to the Traveler's Attire, or the Traveler's Clothes, with which some new abilities are obtained: these are video and audio signals that indicate more clearly and precisely the presence of collectibles in the area near the protagonist, with the possibility of replacing them with an improved controller vibration.

In terms of accessibility, the patch also introduces the a possibility to expand the font size for the texts on the screen, also including additional indications through the text to make them more descriptive.

Finally, the update also corrects some bugs, such as the possibility of being in front of a black screen that prevented us from continuing during some phases of the story, the blocks that could emerge in some stories of Yarikawa and various other adjustments of bugs and inconveniences previously detected.

We remember that Ghost of Tsushima had updated in late July with patch 1.05 which, among other things, added the lethal difficulty level.

Later today, Patch 1.06 for #GhostOfTsushima will be released, bringing some changes to the Traveler's Attire and new bug fixes .

You can read full details here:

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