Fortnite Season 4: release date, trailer and Marvel news

Fortnite Season 4: release date, trailer and Marvel news
The wait for Fortnite Season 4 is getting more and more difficult, especially for all those players who will lose access to the battle royale on iOS devices. However, this does not mean that Epic Games wants to postpone the arrival of the new season. In fact, the developer has released the first official teaser trailer.

The FreeFortnite Cup is now over!

Fortnite Season 4 | Release date

As you can see just below, through the video shared via Twitter from the official page of the battle royale, Fortnite Season 4 will be available starting from 27 August 2020 and will be linked to the Marvel world. The special protagonist will certainly be Thor, as it is easy to guess from the emoji he includes in the tweet that represent his hammer, his powers and the Bifrǫst, known precisely as the rainbow bridge.

Fortnite Season 4 | Trailer

The video doesn't tell us much else, unfortunately. We can indeed see a generic background, a blue and purple galaxy. The “Fortnite” lettering reveals part of Thor's appearance.


- Fortnite (@FortniteGame) August 21, 2020

Fortnite x Marvel: the news coming

As mentioned, there is no other official information regarding Fortnite Season 4. The leakers, however, have already had a tip and have shared part of the news that await us.

The well-known Hypex, through its Twitter account, said that we can expect:

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