Facebook supports the growth of startups

Facebook supports the growth of startups
Facebook announced the new "Facebook Accelerator: Commerce" program, part of the global "Facebook Accelerator" project, which over the past seven years has helped startups around the world to grow and consolidate by offering training, mentoring and giving them access to a global network of startup founders and industry experts.

A recent survey conducted by the social media giant, in collaboration with the OECD and the World Bank, found that, in Italy, 37% of the SMEs interviewed had 25% or more of their sales through digital in recent months, showing the importance of having an online presence to be able to support their business even in financially difficult times and to offer intuitive and positive e-commerce experiences for customers.

For this, Facebook Accelerator: Commerce will provide business acceleration tools to startups in EMEA that focus on e-commerce to help them sell and create scere online.

This will be possible thanks to courses designed to customize the product catalog based on artificial intelligence or to make available an immersive shopping experience that uses technologies such as augmented reality. Startups will also have ad hoc solutions, developed to help them bridge the gap between physical and online experiences.

The program, lasting 12 weeks and completely free, will involve up to 30 startups selected by throughout EMEA, who will be able to follow the online courses on the Facebook Accelerator: Commerce site starting from October 2020.

The training courses will focus on issues relating to the sale of products and will give startups the opportunity to enter contact with partners of the global Facebook network to encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing between the two parties.

The virtual format of the Facebook Accelerator will allow to reach the startups can be found everywhere and offer intensive training to a greater number of people than a program of physical and traditional.

All the startups interested in the program Facebook Accelerator: Commerce, can apply on this website until 31 August. Always online, it will be possible to inquire about the necessary characteristics to participate in the selection and on the type of startup that is in line with the project.

Among the requirements that will be required at application stage, the level of experience of the startup, its execution capabilities and the role it plays in pushing consumers towards the online and e-commerce. Once the nominations closed, the 30 start-ups selected as finalists for the EMEA region will be contacted between September and the beginning of the course, scheduled for October.

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