Charlize Theron publishes the video in which she shaves her head for Mad Max

Charlize Theron publishes the video in which she shaves her head for Mad Max
Furious, played by Charlize Theron in Mad Max: Fury Road, she is an iconic character and very influential in popular culture. To make it better, the South African actress has given all of herself, including her own hair.

Having reached the fifth anniversary of the saga written by George Miller, Charlize Theron shared on her Social Media the moment when he shaved his hair, thus ending the transformation process into Furiosa. The video (which you can find at this link) was published in honor of the film's drive-in projection, organized on July 31st to raise funds for the Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project.

In the post the actress also thanked for the collaboration the location, The Grove of Los Angeles, and the organizers, the Chad Hudson Event. The Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project is a charitable organization founded by the actress herself, which promotes education, health and community support to improve the conditions of African children. Distinguished guests attended the screening, whose ticket costs $ 1000. The program of the evening included, in addition to the screening of the film, a moment of confrontation with Charlize Theron and a gourmet sushi dinner.

During the weekend, Charlize Theron took the virtual panel of the Comic With @Home in San Diego, where she declared that the role played in Fury Road it was for her one of its most important characters, by comparing the importance that the part of the Furious has had in his career to that covered by the role of Ripley in Alien for Sigourney Weaver . Also if the shaved head of the Furious has become one of the distinctive features that have made it an icon, the character originally was supposed to have a long mane of hair. It would have been Charlize Theron to convince George Miller to change this aspect of Furious, making it the character is androgynous and indomitable that we have seen on the screen.

Although the actress will not be part of the cast of the prequel focuses on the character of Furiosa, the actress is tel-aviv and enjoyed a great success for the role they played in The Old Guard , which is currently available on Netflix .

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