AVM, all Fritz upgrade to the new OS 7.20

AVM, all Fritz upgrade to the new OS 7.20
AVM has announced the end of the cycle of updates with which it has brought the new FRITZ! OS 7.20 to the entire range of products for mesh networks made available by the group. This is an important update, especially in terms of performance, since the mesh network is based above all on the ability to calibrate priorities and traffic flows on all connected devices.

AVM, the era of 'OS 7.20

Together with a FRITZ! Box with FRITZ! OS 7.20, FRITZ! Repeaters and FRITZ! Powerlines now form an even more powerful Mesh Wi-Fi. With the new “Performance Mesh Steering”, AVM's Mesh software ensures optimal Wi-Fi connections in the home network. The FRITZ! Mesh regularly checks the connection quality of wireless devices and automatically directs them to the best Wi-Fi bands or Mesh repeaters in your home network. In addition to this, the automatic selection of Mesh channels has been improved, ensuring that the best frequency is always selected for the entire Mesh network.

These are the devices updated to date:

FRITZ! Box 7590, 7530 FRITZ! Repeater 3000, 2400, 1200, 600 and 1750E FRITZ! Powerline 1260E With FRITZ! OS 7.20, the most powerful repeaters such as the FRITZ! Repeater 2400 and the FRITZ! Repeater 3000 also support the bandwidth of 160 MHz for compatible wireless devices, significantly increasing Wi-Fi performance. Both FRITZ! Repeater and FRITZ! Powerline work with the FRITZ! OS operating system, optimized for Mesh, thus ensuring powerful Wi-Fi at home and offering a number of other advantages of the FRITZ! Mesh, including a very simple setup and regular updates for new features, as well as a high level of security.

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