X-Men Legends Marvel's Sentinel: pre-orders on Zavvi open

X-Men Legends Marvel's Sentinel: pre-orders on Zavvi open
The action figure X-Men Legends Marvel's Sentinel arrives on HasLab. The colossal figures of the fearsome Sentinel, feared nemesis of the X-Men and bogeyman of the mutant population, will be available for all those who participate in crowdfunding on the official Hasbro platform. HasLab is in fact the crowdfunding platform for the development of new and exclusive Hasbro products, whose presence on the Italian market is possible thanks to the participation of Zavvi, an e-commerce specialized in nerd and geek clothing and gadgets.

At the moment the crowdfunding campaign has been supported by over 11,000 backers, this has allowed Hasbro to enrich this model, including some exclusive accessories, such as an alternative head or the Sentinel's hand accessory. These additions will allow you to customize this model in a unique way.

Given the great success of this operation, Hasbro will activate further levels of rewards if the number of supporters should increase further.

X-Men Legends Marvel's Sentinel (link Zavvi), will be the figure of the largest Marvel Legends series ever made so far and will cost € 399.99. Inspired by the design that appeared in House of X and Powers of X, X-Men Legends Marvel's Sentinel will be 669 mm high, 72 points of articulation (20 of which in each hand) and will present a system of LEDs that will illuminate the head and trunk of the model (LEDs require 2 batteries ministilo not included).

This particular model of action figure will also include two additional heads (alternate Sentinel Prime head and Battle damaged head), a tentacle for the palm of the hand which can be wrapped around another Marvel Legends X-Men figure and, finally, an additional 6-inch Marvel Legends figure from the Prime Female Sentinel.

it Will be possible to participate to the crowdfunding campaign of HasLab to X-Men Legends Marvel's Sentinel until 24 August 2020 . To join (or for more information please refer to the page of Zavvi at this link .

Among the stories the most famous of the X-Men, there is The saga of the Phoenix Black. At this link on Amazon you will find the complete edition.

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