The New York Times buys the podcast company Serial

The New York Times buys the podcast company Serial

Yes, the big newspaper has acquired the record podcast production company, while the world of audio entertainment continues to grow and attract big names: Michelle Obama, Demi Moore and Harper Collins

(Photo : Getty Images) Here is the coup that many were waiting for in the increasingly growing world of audio entertainment: it has been confirmed in these hours, in fact, that the New York Times has purchased Serial Productions, the company behind the podcast of the Serial records. Inaugurated in 2014 as a rib of the popular radio program This American Life, Serial tells in several episodes a true crime case per season, analyzing it in great depth. The first season was a phenomenon that crossed the borders of the United States, being downloaded about 20 million times per episode. This success has somehow sanctioned the revival of the podcast genre, which in recent years has experienced an exponential multiplication in several countries including Italy, with several attempts to emulate the original project.

The media company behind the daily newspaper in new york, therefore, has now acquired the company born from this experience and inaugurates a new collaboration with the same program This American Life , that will continue, however, to remain an independent entity. Serial Productions, however, come in the wake of the New York Times and its leaders, Julie Snyder, Sarah Koenig (these two creators and producers of podcasts the original) and Neil Drumming , will continue to create new audio products that will benefit both the resources of everyday life is the chance to see their stories amplified by the various media channels of the group. In the meantime, since 2015 it speaks of an adaptation in the form of a tv series of the same Serial , which is however to today not yet have the precise details. This acquisition is very strategic and interesting in the world of podcasts , in recent months, particularly in yeast.

In recent weeks, Spotify has announced a further commitment on this front, putting in the pipeline ambitious productions that involve names like Michelle Obama and Kim Kardashian . Many Hollywood stars, among others, are finding interest in these audio projects: for example, Demi Moore (back on the screen recently with the series Peacock Brand New World ) will launch in August, Dirty Diana , in which it lends a voice to a business woman that manages a website in which you collect the testimonies of sexual desires of women; Dennis Quaid , however, has recently opened the podcast The Pet Show in which the interview fans... pets. Also in Italy moves something: is this week the announcement that the publishing house Harper Collins will start in September with a line of books taken from the podcast of the society Storielibere , how the F***ing Genius of Massimo Temporelli, The gorilla has little to Vincenzo Venuto and Bestiary political Gianluca Briguglia.

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