The fingerprint scanner under the LCD displays will cover the entire screen

The fingerprint scanner under the LCD displays will cover the entire screen

The difference with oled screens, which can devote only a small portion of the surface, is remarkable

(Photo: Tianma) The time seems finally ripe to be able to see a fingerprint scanner under an LCD screen . From 2021, even the cheapest (and widespread) displays will therefore be able to access biometric unlocking, opening up to more modern design solutions and also enjoying a significant advantage such as covering the entire surface and multiple inputs simultaneously.

Until now, the scanner under the display was a prerogative of oled screens, which usually dedicate a small portion of the lower area of ​​the front to read the unique design of the fingertip, to be used as an immediate password. There are optical and other more sensitive ultrasonic technologies, but until now liquid crystal displays have been excluded from this technology.

However, something had been boiling in the pot for months both by Asian manufacturers and by 3m and in fact here is the first official announcement with the Chinese Tianma who has unveiled a screen called tfp or ted finger print that combines the LCD with the integrated scanner.

In the video we appreciate how not only is it You can have your fingertip read anywhere on the screen, but a multiple fingerprint scan is also available, benefiting both security and applications that may require multiple inputs simultaneously. A bit as seen with a recent Qualcomm project.

Or with interesting solutions such as the secure unlocking of an application by simply tapping the icon on the display so as to activate the dedicated scan of the impression. It seems that the first prototypes can already debut in 2020, towards the end of the year, with first single-panel and then multiple-reading panels.

while many companies, Apple's head, they immediately opted for the scanning of the face replacing that of the fingertip, users have proven to be very loyal to the so-called fingerprint, giving a good propulsion solutions for additional and innovative that take advantage of this unlock method secure, and more comfortable .

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