Spitch, future developments in voice technology

Spitch, future developments in voice technology
Spitch is an international company specialized in the development and implementation of voice technology. With the crisis caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, all the BPOs, the partners who manage the outsourcing of a company's management and control processes, have found themselves adopting emergency measures to remote the production effort. In the new phase, on the other hand, the robustness of systems and operating activities must be consolidated.

In particular, it is necessary to rethink physical and logistical security, concepts that were previously delegated to access control systems, attendance detection, video surveillance, onboarding new staff and training remotely, quality assurance processes.

In this scenario, voice technology providers such as Spitch can prove to be a fundamental ally. The combination of the use of vocal biometrics tools, speech analytics and natural language understanding allow you to implement systems for the efficiency and safety of internal processes, as well as acting as a tool for strengthening and innovation in an ever challenging market. We talked about it with Piergiorgio Vittori, Country Manager of Spitch Italy and Giovanni Mannarino, Director of Sales and Consultancy of Spitch Italy.

Piergiorgio Vittori, Country Manager of Spitch Italy «The company was founded in 2014, privately, and it is the union of five shareholders. The aim is to offer highly technological solutions, mainly on the Swiss market and then go elsewhere, naturally also in Italy (in 2016) "explains Vittori. "The focus is on new generation vocal assistance, based on advanced techniques for understanding natural language, in all its nuances".

it Seems trivial but a voice command, on average, is distinguished from that uttered by another person for at least a hundred of morphological parameters . On this basis, and adding a variety of elements handled technologically, Spitch able to implement it solutions applied in various fields, truly the most diverse (for example the approval of the medical examinations, the phone, with a digital assistant).

The world of BPO

In the process of innovation in which Spitch is inserted, in the areas of adoption are practically infinite. "And yet, we still have limitations, mostly related to the corporate culture of an investment of which, still not convinced fully. "The blame" for a lack of knowledge of the technology though, sooner or later, you get to adopt a platform that is natively built-in the tasks today of IT, with immediate benefits". Spitch he works mainly with the partner, that is the easiest way to open itself to the needs of the territory, that in Italy, there are about a dozen, including well-established and growing.

A trend that is of interest to the field is that of the biometrics . "Especially in the segment of banks can derive real benefit from the adoption of similar technologies, which allow to identify the person with whom you are interacting with the voice only; useful to validate a purchase or transaction online. "The rest, based on the item you do not need anything other than a phone or a microphone, unlike the facial recognition or a fingerprint. Simply speaking, can open doors and turnstiles, fast and safe".

The offer of Spitch is twofold, between the cloud and on-premise, in order to meet the needs of clients large and small, public and private . Of course, in the second case, that of integrating what the client has already had in the house, comes into play to a greater extent the partners that can intervene on the machine present at the site.

" Solutions out-of-the-box, end-to-end, leveraging the cloud are much faster to set up and realize even if it is with the concern of data that is less controllable and often not dedicated. Our strength is custom projects, that can bring out the best of on-premise and from a “per-use”, typical of the cloud. Flexible architecture and prices of modular are the strengths on which we rely".

Precursor of innovation

As pointed by John Mannarino, Director of Sales and Consultancy of Spitch Italy : "The fact that a company as Spitch has ill "courage£ to release a technology on-premise, denotes two aspects. The first is that at the base there is a strong technology. The second, the assurance that everything is handled directly by us, without the intervention of third parties. For example, with Abraham, which deals with

in and Of itself, Spitch works with a layering of organisation which is respectful of the roles , even if it is in continuous search of a mix of knowledge that it can approach a particular customer. This is because, according to the experience of the group, the interlocutor, the Italian is always “complex”, i.e. with skill, it is not always standardized, and then with know-how different from those which the same figure can have in another company.

An interdisciplinary nature that has resulted in a project with Abraham Customer. "In that case, we have developed a project that someone finds it hard to consider as real, because it contains elements that are more futuristic. In view of the poor quality of the audio in the possession of the Italian reality , leader in the supply of integrated services of BPO, and significant presence in the graphics, document management, customer and credit management, we have developed a project that part from the text and waited to see if this approach actually what you said, by calculating a coefficient of proximity. It is just one of the many examples that best characterize the activity of Spitch, as the forerunner of innovation".

supporting telework

If we think of the world of BPO or service providers in general, the strong theme is that of the home working . In the difficult months of the Covid-19, an intelligent application in the portfolio of Spitch is the one that allows whoever is managing the communication with a customer validarsi actually as an employee of a company. "It seems exaggerated, but never as today, the identity theft, on the phone, too, is an area to keep in mind is how to protect the brand of the partner.

In the field of PA, one solution is that of the management of bulky waste . "Today, we can call, at any time, to make an appointment and know when the collection truck will pick up a certain rejection. This is not going to replace the human being but which will enhance the activities in times of crisis or when it is not physically possible, as in the night time" said the Country Manager.

What does the future of speech technology?

having regard to the sector in which it is inserted, Spitch lives a privileged location in see applications in the future . "As in the United States, and also elsewhere could establish that type of technology that allows you to monitor the state of mind of a person, especially a patient. So as to assume a central role in the "prediction", understood as the anticipate the needs of a client." All possible thanks to the technological innovations already in existence and the ability to see those contexts that can benefit, really, of voice support “increased” to the human interaction.

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