PS5: is architecture not RDNA 2? A Sony engineer answers

PS5: is architecture not RDNA 2? A Sony engineer answers
By now, we know the design of PS5 and the range of games that the next-gen Sony brand will offer us - among them, Horizon Forbidden West and Demon's Souls. We also know that the console aims to offer its users incredible innovative features - such as 3D sound, ray tracing, a superfast SSD, a built-in 4K Blu-ray player for the standard version and backwards compatibility with a large catalog of games of PS4. In addition, Mark Cerny provided us with more information about the PS5 system architecture, letting us know that Sony's next-gen experience will be very different from the existing consoles.

Precisely, the PS5 will be equipped with an CPU based on AMD Zen 2 with 8 cores at 3.5 GHz, 16 GB of GDDR6 memory and an AMD RDNA 2 GPU, with 10.28 TFLOP. However, after the announcement of the specifications, someone expressed some doubts regarding the support for RDNA 2, assuming that the latter will be only partial, as if it were a middle ground between RDNA 1 and 2.

Rosario Leonardi, an engineer at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, gave us some interesting explanations, responding to a private message on social media: “I know you are curious, but I am legally bound and I cannot say anything that has not been made public. As you probably know, the architecture of PS5 is a middle ground between RDNA1 and RDNA2, with unique characteristics. Even PlayStation 4 Pro was a sort of hybrid between GCN2 and 4 ". Recall that for RDNA we mean Radeon DNA and it is a GPU architecture coming out in 2020, which should provide a 50% improvement in performance compared to RDNA1.

The engineer Leonardi is configured as a trusted source, but in this regard, we would expect statements more in-depth technical , since judging from what has emerged, there is still much that we need to know about the new console, and that still there was release fully. Also, remember that more than PS5, also the Xbox Series X will support RDNA2 , and it seems that the PC will get in advance , suggesting that Microsoft will support it entirely.

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