Pandemic Red Zone North America: the Review

Pandemic Red Zone North America: the Review
Distributed in Italy by Asmodee, under the Z-Man Games license, Pandemic Red Zone North America is a collaborative game where we will be called to stop the spread of three different diseases in games lasting about thirty minutes. In a number ranging from 2 to 4 players, each with different roles, we will have to move between the main cities of the north-central part of the American continent, managing our resources and skills in the best possible way in a ruthless fight against time.

The materials

As usual, before going to analyze the game itself, let's see the components of the product. The box is small in size and rather low in weight, which will keep those who love to bring their games away from home happy.

Opening the container, the first thing we find is the game rules : eight pages, more than exhaustively lists the rules of the game without leaving room for doubts of any kind. Even at editorial level we can only be satisfied: no typo or error of any kind.

Going further we find the game board: in line with the container it is not large (completely open it measures about 29 * 42 cm) and is quite robust. From a graphic / mechanical point of view, nothing to report: the different game elements are more than recognizable and there are elements dedicated specifically to the different components of the game.

Proceeding we find the playing cards: 70 in all, divided into four main categories, they are of medium quality. Considering that the game requires that they must be mixed often and willingly, we recommend using protective sachets to prevent them from being damaged.

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