The best setup to play 60 FPS AAA games

The best setup to play 60 FPS AAA games
The 60 FPS have now become a must for gaming, both on PC and on consoles. The fluidity guaranteed by this framerate has now become indispensable, with console players complaining about all those titles that still run at 30 FPS on PS4 and Xbox One and those PCs who always try to assemble the best computer to reach 60 FPS, in any game and regardless of resolution. But what is the best configuration to play AAA 60 FPS games?

Much depends on the resolution: Full HD, Quad HD and Ultra HD need components of different power, especially when it comes to the video card: a GPU capable of maintaining 60 FPS in 1080p in fact will hardly get the same result in 4K, where it must manage the quadruple of the pixels.

The first step therefore is to define what resolution you want to play: often this choice is linked to the monitor you already have, which usually offers a Full HD resolution and a refresh rate ranging from 60Hz to 144Hz. In this article we will therefore focus on the best configuration to play at 60 FPS in Full HD, so as to have a PC that allows us to enjoy the best of all the latest titles on our home monitor.

Configuration for playing in Full HD 60 FPS

For this configuration we have chosen a new generation Intel Core i5-10400F processor, perfect for a gaming PC of this type. We have placed it alongside an Asus ROG B460-H motherboard, a model with all the credentials to best support both the CPU and the GPU chosen.

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